What Is "Walden Backyarding"?

What Is "Walden Backyarding"?

If the term "backyarding" is new to you, you may find you have been doing this action without even knowing it! In short, backyarding means using your outdoor space (or backyard) for activities that may have previously been done inside such as spending time around the fire pit, instead of staring at our phones. It also means not limiting yourself and your family to the couch in front of the television, and to always consider the backyard as an extended living space.

Many people find they can be more productive when working outside in a beautiful, calming

Fire Pit - Wool Blanket - Fireside with Strap

environment such as turning it into their personal office space. When not working, this same area can be used for lounging, grilling, or relaxing with an evening fire.

Backyarding mostly started catching on during the COVID-19 epidemic. More people were staying home and spending time enhancing the inside of their homes and their backyards. The goal was to turn both areas into spots that are welcoming and comfortable while spending so much time at home. Even though we aren't limited to our homes anymore, you can still find more comfort in the new living arrangements you've created during the epidemic.

What Is "Walden Backyarding"?

When it comes to backyarding there are many components you may want to include to make your outside space comfy with something for the whole family.

There is no right or wrong way to backyard, but some concentrate on a few different concepts that people are choosing when transforming their outside living space. In terms of Walden's Backyarding concept, there are a few specific differences, including:

Comfy Outdoor Furniture:

Consider investing in a few pieces of comfortable furniture specifically for your backyard. After all, you can't do backyarding correctly without a chair or couch to lounge on outside. Get some portable, lightweight chairs for around the fire, or a bench to share with loved ones.

Fun Outdoor Games:

What's backyarding without some fun family games to play? Especially if you're Walden Backyarding, then you need to grab a few different board games such as Monopoly, checkers, cards, and even croquet on the lawn would be enjoyable.

A Toasty, Warm Fire Pit: 

If you want to do backyarding the Walden way consider having a quality fire pit - or the Legacy Series Complete Fire Pit Insert Set - in your yard. For a number of reasons, including family and friend gatherings on those chilly nights, roasting steak and marshmallows over the fire pit any time you desire, and lastly, it creates a cozy atmosphere that really pulls everything together in your outdoor living space.

Fireside Accessories:

In order to bring everyone together and to ensure they're comfy cozy, it's also important to have a solid wool blanket on hand - like our Fireside Wool Blanket with Leather Carrying Strap! Also, wool blankets are good for camping. Some nights it gets pretty chilly, but if  you're not ready to go inside then grab a warm blanket to cuddle around the fire pit. Check out the Fireside Chat Cards, as a great conversation starter and great way to spend time together.

Walden Backyarding Done Right

We're happy to share a few of our favorite examples of how to backyard, however, everyone has their own way of doing things. Overall, if you're spending more time at home like most of us at least try to do, then it's time to invest in your outdoor space. Adding a fire pit to your backyard not only is a huge "wow" factor when it comes to hosting gatherings, but it also adds value to your home whenever you're thinking about selling. You can also cook various fire pit recipes to serve outside!

The most important part of Walden Backyarding is the concept of bringing our loved ones together around the fire. It creates a closeness and ambiance that can't be matched to anything else in this world.

Our goal is to create a fire pit for you and your family to spend quality time together outside not in front of the TV. This is when good conversations can be had and memories are made.

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