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Walden Fire Pit BBQ Grilling Grate


Get True Fire-Grilled Steaks, Chops, Vegetables and More with the Walden Legacy Series™ Fire Pit Grate

Made to last a lifetime, the BBQ fire pit grate grills your favorite foods to perfection with traditional crosshatch sear marks.

Turn the fire pit into a wood-fire grill with a 30", 34", or 36" diameter steel BBQ Fire Pit Grilling Grate. Have a backyard BBQ anytime you like with a round Walden grilling grate that fits perfectly atop the Walden Legacy Series™ Fire Pit Insert.


Walden Fire Pit BBQ Grilling Grate BENEFITS:

  • Thick and durable steel will last a lifetime
  • Handles allow for easy removal when adjusting logs
  • Crosshatch pattern provides a beautiful "X" sear
  • Open-flame cooking provides better taste and more satisfaction than a traditional grill
  • 30" diameter BBQ Grilling Grate with 4 handles rests within the Walden Legacy Series™ Fire Pit Insert, and Walden 30" Legacy Series ™ Fire Pit Ring. 

Season Your Fire Pit Grate Before First Use

Much like seasoning a Good Old Fashioned Cast Iron Skillet, our BBQ Grilling Grates must be seasoned as well. Seasoning your grate gives you Two Key Benefits:

  1.  Easier cleaning – Food residue removal will be quicker on future cooks
  2.  Longer lifespan – Seasoning your grill regularly increases cooking performance and your grill’s overall lifespan.


See the 5 Steps on Seasoning Your BBQ Grill Grate!


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