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Welcome to the Walden Fire Pits Collection—the ultimate in fireside luxury. Our goal at Walden is to help you create your own quintessential outdoor wood burning fire pit experience, so that you can enjoy lasting fireside memories with the people you love. Meticulously focused on craftsmanship and quality, our Legacy Series™ heavy-duty fire pit insert is the most advanced above ground fire pit system available for purchase today. For those looking for a more minimalist look, we offer our steel fire pit ring as the perfect stand-alone fire pit for your next DIY fire pit project. Our round fire pit snuffer will let you safely and easily put out your flame when the festivities wrap up at the end of the evening. All Walden fire pits are made out of ¼” extra heavy-duty high-carbon steel, (6x thicker than your standard metal fire pit ring), and are designed to be the last fire pit that you will ever buy. Now get out there and ignite some good times!

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