Top Qualities in A Good Fire Poker

Top Qualities in A Good Fire Poker

Remember going camping when you were younger and poking the campfire with a wooden stick in order to get the flames just a bit higher? Although the concept hasn't changed, fire pokers have evolved past a wood stick to a much more enticing and safe design.

While fire pokers themselves have been around since ancient times, it wasn’t until the 13th century in England that iron fire pokers became used regularly. Originally known as a “tong," these were used to turn the meat over on an open fire. It wasn’t until the 16th century in England, however, that iron rods were used to stir coals and prod logs.

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Qualities in a Good Fire Poker

Fire pokers are made from metal and are typically quite heavy. This, however, depends on its size and the exact kind of metal that it is made from. Wrought iron pokers are generally heavier than steel pokers but the trick is to use one that is most comfortable for you. 

The best fire pokers will usually be anywhere from 25 to 60 inches in length and will consist of hooks or claw-like prongs near the end of the tool to both prod logs as well as stoke flames. If you are worried about getting burnt by the embers, a longer handle with insulated handles could be a great solution. 

While wrought iron pokers might corrode or rust over time, stainless steel fire pokers do not and can maintain their shape consistency over the years. 

All of this being said, the ideal fire poker should be both lightweight and strong. In terms of length, where you will be using the poker is important to know. You’ll want a longer poker if you are dealing with larger outdoor fire pits and a smaller one for stoking the flames in front of your fireplace. 

Safety Tips for Using Fire Pokers

Fire pokers were developed to make the impossible possible - essentially reaching in and stoking burning embers to generate more fire. The following safety tips can ensure that you stay safe as you work the embers: 

  • Make sure the embers in the fireplace have been completely put out before putting the stoker away. Embers can smolder and start a fire hours after you think the fire has been put out. 
  • Keep pokers away from children and pets. Young children might mistake a stainless steel poker for a toy and twirl it around, which can result in serious injury to themselves or others. 
  • Avoid moving burning coals from the fireplace to another location with the fire poker. The embers can scatter and start a fire in your home. 

The Best Fire Poker

If you're going to invest in a fire poker make sure it's the best one available, not only for safety reasons but to ensure you have a thriving fire every time. Walden Backyards' exclusive fire poker - the Stoker Poker - uses a unique patent-pending air valve which allows you to stoke the fire without inhaling the harmful smoke.

It's simple to use and worth the added benefits. All you need to do is place the poker tip on the base of the fire and blow air into the fire. This actually makes the poker incredibly safe and easy to use for the entire family as it leaves a 46” long gap between you and the fire. 

Additionally, the stoker has a quality handcrafted wooden handle with a stainless steel top and is made from high carbon steel that makes it light enough to handle yet strong enough flames coming from heavier logs. The best part? It's easy to clean, store, and quickly use again without any hassle.

Check out Walden's selection of high-quality fire pits and fireside accessories like the Stoker Poker today!

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