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Walden Legacy Series™ Fire Pit Insert

Walden Backyards Steel Legacy Fire Pit Insert

Add the Legacy Series™ Steel Fire Pit Insert to your backyard landscape and enjoy cleaner, safer and easier bonfires right at home. The Legacy Series™ is an innovative fire pit insert system designed to add right into your own bricks or stones. The five-part system works together to make it the most user-friendly fire pit available. (BLOCKS NOT INCLUDED)

  • Outstanding quality - Thick 3/16'' steel fire ring insert.
  • Easy to use and clean - The engineered air flow, ash catching basin, and hinged fire grate make building a fire and cleaning the pit a breeze.
  • Safe system - closed fire system' keeps the fire right where you want it and when its time to head in for the night, place the snuffer lid on top to easily put out the fire, safe and sound.

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