The Walden Easy Weeder™

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Remove Weeds and Roots with the Simplest Yard Tool Around

Introducing the Walden® Easy Weeder™

  • EASY TO USE - Our Easy Weeder™ is easy to use for pulling weeds in all lawns and gardens. With a lightweight and convenient design, the weed puller provides optimal control and stability during weeding sessions. Uses six concentric tines to grab weeds by the root and conveniently hangs for effortless storage!
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN - This weed puller tool is equipped with a long, comfortable handle that provides a firm and ergonomic grip. The weeder allows you to pull weeds quickly and easily without bending or kneeling, saving you time and effort.
  • UNIVERSAL - Our gardening tool works on many different types of weeds, large and small, to deliver the same great result every time. Use the Easy Weeder to easily remove dandelions, thistle, and crabgrass from your yard. It also functions as a sod-plugging tool!
  • DURABLE - The weed remover is made of durable, high-quality materials and engineered to withstand frequent use. Exceptional strength of the steel tube and plunging rod allows you to pull weeds effortlessly while ensuring years of reliable performance.

How to Use

  1. Approach weed with the round knob pushed down.
  2. Place the tine tips on the weed, surrounding the center of the weed's base.
  3. Firmly step down. The tines will sink into the ground and the knob will raise up.
  4. Pull upward slowly with the weed in the grasp of the tines.
  5. Push the knob downwards firmly to release the weed and roots from the tool