Fireside accessories, including fire stoker and fire starters, on grass

Fireside Accessories

Everything we do at Walden is to help you maximize your outdoor wood-burning fire pit experience. So it is no surprise that, after developing the most advanced fire pit in the industry, we set our sights on producing an array of the most versatile fireside accessories on the market to help you create unforgettable fireside memories.


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Outdoor Fire Pit Accessories

Designed to help you take your fireside experience to the next level, our fire pit gadgets and games take the hassle out of fire building, allowing you to spend more time relaxing and laughing with your family and friends. Consisting of entirely natural, non-toxic ingredients, our Sure-Fire™ Starters assist you in building a great bonfire with the strike of a single match, making them the best easy fire starters around, and a must-have bonfire and outdoor fire pit cooking accessory. Likewise, the best-selling Walden Stoker-Poker™ is a blow through fire poker, engineered from the ground up to help you keep your fire burning red-hot all evening long, without inhaling harsh smoke. Damp logs are no match for these heavy-duty outdoor fire pokers. Simply breathe through our proprietary one-way air vent, and watch your logs light up in flame. And, at the end of the evening, rest easy knowing that a high-carbon metal fire pit Snuffer Lid from Walden is preventing any excess embers from blowing out of your fire pit and onto your lawn or house. Put simply, when it comes to outdoor fire pit accessories and gifts, Walden has you covered.