Walden Bonfire Boss™ Fire Gloves

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Discover the ultimate protection and comfort with our Fire Boss Gloves while grilling or adjusting logs around the fire pit. With extra-thick protective lining and extra-large cuffs, these gloves will protect you at temperatures over 900 degrees.

Crafted with premium materials and advanced technology, these gloves are specially designed to withstand the hottest flames and provide excellent dexterity. Our genuine suede leather shell and special flexible aluminum built-in layer make these gloves uniquely durable and flexible as you BBQ over your grilling grate. With thoughtfully positioned large hanging loops for handy storage, our Fire Boss Gloves offer unmatched performance and durability for your ideal fireside experience.

Ultimate Hands-on Control Over Your Fire


Protection from temperatures over 900 degrees.

Flexibility and Comfort

Genuine suede leather for dexterity and sturdy grip.

Reliability and Endurance

High-quality materials for years of performance.

Walden Bonfire Boss™ Fire Gloves

Explore the superior quality and thoughtful design of our heavy duty fire gloves.

Suede Leather Shell

For excellent grip and heat insulation

Aluminum Layer

For resistance to extreme temperatures

Extra Palm Layer

For high-duty performance

Hanging Loops

For easy storage when not in use

Extra-Large Cuffs

For protecting your wrists and forearms from fire

Thick and Flexible

For durability and dexterity

With our 100% Delight Guarantee, you can make your purchase with complete peace of mind. We are dedicated to delivering excellence, and if we fall short in any way, we will take immediate action to remedy the situation to your complete satisfaction.

How to use


Starting Your Fire

Wear your Fire Boss™ Gloves to move your fire starter or add kindling.


Fire Control

When your fire is roaring, pick up and adjust your logs.


Cooking and Grilling

Safely move any grilling or BBQ grate or cookware that's over fire.

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