Fun Winter Outdoor Activities

Fun Winter Outdoor Activities

It's the season when snow falls nearly every day, and many of us find ourselves cooped up inside bored. We're tired of staring at our screens and re-watching our favorite TV shows on rerun (well, maybe not our favorite shows). We get used to our everyday schedule of work and school that we forget there's time to play. Even if it's snowing or if the temperature is colder than usual, there are always fun winter activities to partake right in our backyard - Especially if you have an outdoor fire pit.

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Fun Winter Outdoor Activities

After some digging around, we've come up with a solid list of our go-to winter activities. They won't cost you much money, if any at all, and they're guaranteed a good time!

Build A Snowman (or Anything You Want!)

Yes, we're all familiar with Frosty the Snowman. We also all have fond memories of building Frosty in our yards as children. Why not make it your own tradition with your loved ones? There's a good reason why certain memories stay with us, and here's your chance to create your own. Be creative! You don't have to follow the standards when it comes to snow building. Consider trying something new like a dragon or a cat. Here's other tips to help mix it up:

  • Dye the snow colors to bring your snow creature to life by using food colors and water.
  • Bring different props from your home to dress it up with when all finished such as old clothes, hats, canes, or anything really.
  • Don't forget to name your newly found snow friend.

Snowball Fight (Version 2.0)

Basically, we're taking the simple rules of throwing a snowball at someone and upgrading it a notch! Here are some tips on how to make your own version of a snowfall fight, while being safe and not injuring each other of course:

  • Construct your own slingshots out of materials found around your house.
  • Search online for various snowball ejecting toys.
  • Involve different games along with the snowball fight you could incorporate hide 'n seek, etc.
  • Always remember to be safe and have fun!
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Sledding or Tubing

When's the last time you went sledding or tubing? You could check out local ski slopes to see what they offer or find a steep hill on your own. Either way it's bound to be an exciting, memorable time at any age!

Spend Time By the Fire Pit this Winter

If you already own a fire pit, consider adding some fun fireside accessories to the mix such as Fireside Chat Cards, a cozy wool blanket, and so many other items. Of course, the idea of just sitting by a fire pit in the cold isn't ideal. However, if you're bundled up next to loved ones with a hot cup of cocoa, a guitar, and fond memories, you're sure to always remember it as the most fun you've had in a long time.


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