Walden Legacy Series™ 30" Fire Pit Ring

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World's Most Durable Fire Ring - Guaranteed for Life

Walden's 30" diameter Legacy Series™ Fire Ring was made for the man who demands lasting durability.  Use as an outdoor stand-alone fire pit, or insert it into your brick fire pit setup.  Create the perfect fireside man-cave. 

Walden Fire Ring BENEFITS:

  • Extremely Heavy Duty – 6X thicker 1/5’’ high-carbon steel will last a lifetime.
  • Durable - Full, top, and bottom rims provide superior strength and eliminate warping
  • Fully punched steel, meaning no welds or no bolts. 1 solid piece. This helps with strength and longevity. (no cracks to rust out) 
  • High-Temperature Powder Coating – High heat powder coating helps prevent rust and protects the steel against extreme temperatures
  • Large 30’’ Diameter – With a 30’’ diameter and 9’’ height, there is potential to make a HUGE fire
  • Use alone, with boulders or insert into your own fire pit setup

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