Walden Sure-Fire™ Starters

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The Easiest Way to Start Your Fire is with Walden Sure-Fire™ Fire Starters

In the mid 1800's in the northern forests of Minnesota, it was a matter of life and death to be able to light a fire when needed.  Workers found a way to reliably and quickly start a fire, even in the coldest, snowiest and wettest conditions.  We still use these time-tested methods and materials to hand make every one of our fire starters.

Walden Sure-Fire™ Starters BENEFITS:

  • Guaranteed to light your fire with just one starter
  • Flame burns long and high for 10-15 minutes
  • NO smell - NO accelerants used - NON-toxic
  • All natural materials - Made in Minnesota
  • No kindling needed - Get a great fire with no hassle
  • Waterproof for lighting even in wet weather

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Walden Sure-Fire™ Starters


Walden Sure-Fire™ Starters

Walden 30 in Fire Grate w Free sure Fire Starters

We ordered the Walden 29.5 in Fire Pit Grate w Ember Catcher to put inside a 38 in Fire Pit Ring that we ordered from P & D Metal works. We fired up our new fire pit over the Christmas holiday and the 4 in high Fire Pit grate worked perfectly. The oak split logs that we lit on the fire grate burned quickly(especially w the free Fire Starters that Walden threw in). The air flow with the logs 4 in off the ground was perfect and the logs burned evenly for a couple of hours with very little assistance. The Ember Catcher held all of the embers from falling through the grate which kept the fire burning hot and evenly for the entire evening. Get one of these grates and you will not be disappointed. Our grandkids and everyone around the Fire Pit were kept toasty warm and the clean up the next day was minimal as the wood burned evenly until there was a small pile of embers and ashes left on the grate. The next morning all that we needed to do was sweep the ashewith a small broom or brush and everything fell through the grate on to the crushed stone below. This Fire Grate also came painted black with a heat resistant finish. I would imagine that we will most likely paint the Fire Grate periodically as needed w Rustoleum 2,000 degree black spray paint. Overall we are very pleased w our purchase and look forward to many fires in our backyard near Athens GA.

Fire Poker

This was more than I expected. It was a gift and very well received. Great quality!


These make every fire so easy!!

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