Walden Blow Through Stoker Poker®

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Size: 33" Stoker Poker
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Become the master of your fire with the Walden Blow Through Stoker Poker® and discover the ultimate solution for effortlessly starting, arranging and reviving your fire with ease and full control.

No more getting smoke in your eyes. No more worrying about whether you're going to inhale a piece of ash. Designed with your safety in mind, our proprietary one-way air valve makes the Walden Blow Through Stoker Poker® dependable and safe for all ages. Durable and lightweight, the comfortable natural wood handle will make you never want to let it go.


Enhanced Safety & Precision

Ease of Control

Lightweight yet durable steel tube, notched poker tip, and wood handle guarantee precise handling of firewood.

Effortless Fire Ignition

Focus airflow on the base of the fire by blowing air through the one-way valve to ignite or revive flames.

Worry-Free Safety for All Ages

Unique one-way air valve in your Stoker-Poker® helps you avoid inhaling smoke and ensures safety for all ages.

Walden Blow-Through Stoker-Poker®

Explore the unique design and superior materials of our patent pending ultimate fireside tool.

XL Hanging Loop

For convenient storage

One-Way Air Valve

For all-age safety

Stainless Steel Mouthpiece

For easy cleaning and rust prevention

Natural Wood Handle

For optimal grip and good looks

High-Carbon Steel Tube

For strength and rigidity

Dual Air Jets

For delivering precise airflow

Large Log Hook

For easy firewood maneuvering

Notched Tip

For easy log control

With our 100% Delight Guarantee, you can make your purchase with complete peace of mind. We are dedicated to delivering excellence, and if we fall short in any way, we will take immediate action to remedy the situation to your complete satisfaction.

How to use


Ignite Your Fire

Use the poker end of your Stoker-Poker® to build up a base of leftover embers before stacking your logs and adding kindling. Then, help ignite your fire by providing airflow to the kindling through the one-way fire valve of your Stoker-Poker®.

Tip of Walden blow through stoker poker poking logs in a ground fire pit

Poke and Rearrange Logs

Use the high quality steel tip of your Stoker-Poker® to move logs. Maneuver the large hook and teeth of the fire poker to produce glowing coals by breaking down your firewood to maintain and enhance your bonfire.

Man blowing air into valve of Walden blow through stoker poker to revive fire

Stoke and Maintain Your Fire

Gently blow through the one-way air valve of your high quality fire stoker to build up a glowing ember base. Nurture your cozy fireside ambiance by providing ample airflow to the heart of your fire.

Transform into a Master Fire Tamer overnight by managing embers and flames with your Stoker-Poker® like a pro

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