Fire ring, fire grate, BBQ grate and a fire pit lid or cover propped against stacks of wood

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Walden blow through stoker poker with patent pending signWalden blow through stoker poker sticking out of outdoor fire pit
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The Legacy Series Complete Fire Pit Insert comes features a sturdy steel fire ring and safe snuffer lid. The foldable grate offers airflow to enhance the burn of your firewood and  allows for easy removal and clean up of the ash basin after your fire.The different pieces of the Legacy Series Complete Fire Pit Insert Set. The snuffer lid has a cool-touch handle for easy maneuvering and a hanging loop for easy storage when not covering your fire pit. The Brim Ring holds up the fire ring, ash funnel, and ash basin. A thich, foldable steel grate sits in the bottom of the fire ring elevating the firewood and enhancing air flow.
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Black food-grade powder coated round BBQ Grilling Grate with handles.Grill hotdogs, steak, and more over a live burning fire using a sturdy mesh BBQ grilling grate.
Walden Sure-Fire™ StartersWalden Sure-Fire™ Starters
Steel domed fire pit cover with cool-touch stainless-steel handle and hanging loopWalden snuffer lid fire pit cover fits perfectly over fire pit ring to put out the fire
Round steel fire pit grate with gridded half inch thick rods and stell mesh ember catcher on top for better burning fires and optimal airflow.Stacked firewood burning over the thick gridded steel fire grate with hot ember base.
Flat circular Steel Fire Pit Grate perpendicular round rods and 4 inch lift.Stack firewood crosshatch style on the flat surface of the round original fire pit grate for better burning fires
round grate with long angled spokes and double circle base  and five inch heightpowder coated wagon wheel grate sitting on prepared ground to elevate firewood
Fireside Chats™ Conversation Starter Playing CardsFireside Chats™ Conversation Starter Playing Cards
round powder-coated steel fire pit ring with no bolts or weldsSteel Fire Ring on prepared ground surrounded by decorative boulders to create a stand alone fire pit
Walden Stainless Steel Ash ScoopWalden Stainless Steel Ash Scoop
Fireside Wool Blanket with Leather Carrying StrapFireside Wool Blanket with Leather Carrying Strap
Walden Legacy Series steel fire poker against a transparent backgroundMan's hand poking and rearranging logs inside a fire pit ring with Walden fire poker
16 inch round steel mesh to hold embers in the flames above the groundplace ember catcher over a fire pit grate to make a hot fire for roasting hotdogs
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Fireside Gift BundleFireside Gift Bundle
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Four aluminum ash basin linersplace the ash line in the ash basin at the bottom of your legacy series complete fire pit insert
Round Stainless-steel Grilling Grate made with stainless steel rods, four handles, and a sturdy concave stainless steel brim.The Walden Stainless Steel BBQ Grilling Grate fits perfectly in the Legacy Series Fire Pit or the 30" Legacy Fire Pit Ring to create a grill over the live fire.
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Long steel rod with tine plungers to pull weed from the rootpull weeds out from the yard while standing up
long steel tool with sweeping claw and attached bag for easy clean uppull lever to activate sweeping claw and flick it into bag
Long handled planting tool with moving spades at bottom and comfortable grip and lever at topstep on lower bar to plunge spades into ground and create hole
Roasting sticks with extendable stainless-steel rods and wooden handle.Roasting hotdogs using roasting sticks
Walden Bonfire Boss™ Fire GlovesWalden Bonfire Boss™ Fire Gloves
Safety roasting sticks with forks facing backwards have stainless steel extendable rod and a natural wooden handle.Place marshmallows on the reversed fork end to make smore's