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Walden Ash Scoop

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Clean out your fire pit or fireplace with ease with lightweight and durable Walden Ash Scoop.

Walden Ash Scoop BENEFITS:

  • Extra strong - The stainless steel design makes the Ash Scoop extra durable so that it will keep you satisfied cleaning out your fire pit or fireplace for years to come!
  • Large scoop - The extra-large scoop will help you catch more ash with each scoop making cleaning quick and easy!
  • Clean - The fireplace shovel is perfect for removing ash and debris to keep your fire pit or fireplace clean
  • Versatile design - With its unique design, the ash shovel can also be used as a bird feed scoop, wood pellet shovel, luminary, and much more
  • Long-lasting - The charcoal shovel is designed to be durable and won't rust, crack, or chip

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