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Insert ring outer diameter: 30"

Brim ring outer diameter: 36.5"

Total system height: 23"

Height from bottom of brim ring to bottom of ash basket: 15"

Easily fits into any opening  between 30" and 35" in inner diameter

Our preferred block size to build with: 4"x11"x6" (blocks necessary: 48)

The number of blocks that you will need will vary depending on the block size that you use. We like to recommend that our customers use 4"x11"x6" blocks, as 48 of these will create a 31" ring that fits perfectly with the Legacy Insert. Your local home improvement store - such as Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards - typically have this block size in stock.

Cleaning the Legacy is easy. Once the fire is out and cooled, just lift half of the hinged fire grate to an up position, lift out the ash basin, dump the ashes into your garden (nice compost) and place the empty ash basin back into the Legacy for reuse.

An elevated fire pit is ideal for ambiance, comfort and safety. Since we usually sit in chairs, an elevated fire allows us to look across the fire (as intended) rather than down. This way we can also put our feet up – and we’re much less likely to trip and fall into the flames, which would definitely be a party foul.

Absolutely! Made with all natural ingredients (plant fiber cups, Maplewood shavings, recycled paper and clear paraffin wax, these starters are clean-burning, safe and welcome at any barbeque.

At the moment, we only make a 30" Snuffer Lid. However, if you are looking to contain your embers, consider using the Walden Spark Screen

Fire grates help the bonfire breath, allowing air to circulate from around and underneath the logs. A well-ventilated fire offers more flame and more heat, with less smoke and ashy clean-up.

 Our fire pits and grates are made out of high-carbon steel, and have a high-heat powder coating finish, allowing for maximum strength and anti-rusting durability.

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