The Walden Simple Scooper™

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Yard Clean-Up Just Got So Much Simpler

Introducing the Walden® Simple Scooper™

  • HEAVY DUTY - The Simple Scooper is made of durable, high-quality materials and engineered to withstand frequent use. Exceptional strength allows you to clean your yard of dog waste effortlessly while ensuring years of reliable performance.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP - Our pet waste scooper is equipped with a comfortable handle that provides a firm and ergonomic grip for one-handed use. Use the poop scoop to minimize strain on your hands and wrists during the cleanup process.
  • VERSATILE - Use all household bags, special bags are not required. Our pooper scooper can swiftly clean up waste from small dogs to large dog breeds while at home or on walks. The dog scooper is suitable for various surfaces like lawns, yards, kennels, and frozen snow as its unique design cleanly rakes the debris into the waste bag.
  • EASY TO USE - Our pet shovel is easy to use for dog waste cleanup in all yards. With a lightweight and convenient design, the Simple Scooper provides optimal control and stability during cleanup sessions. Release waste-filled bags with the handle for contact-free disposal and conveniently hang for effortless storage!

How to Use

  1. Attach Bag: Loop bag through clip and fold over about 3". Clip bag into place.
  2. Release Lock: Slide the lower yellow lock up and rotate the handle 90 degrees. Re-lock the turning lock by sliding lock downwards.
  3. Release Claw: Squeeze hand lever and slide the upper clip out by 1/2" to release the sweeping claw.
  4. Approach: With claw extended, position the target in front of the tool mouth.
  5. Tilt Forward: Tilt forward to allow sweeping claw to claw under the target. This works best when grass is short and dry.
  6. Squeeze Handle: Activate the sweeping claw by squeezing the hand lever to flick the target into the bag.
  7. Release Bag: Pull bag clip away from the tool mouth to release bag into garbage. Replace bag when half-full.


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