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The Walden Fire Pit Grates Collection helps you get the most out of your fireside experience. Wood needs oxygen to breathe, and the best way to make sure that your fire stays burning red-hot all evening long is to elevate your flame, by using a fire pit grate.

Outdoor Grill Grates

Our outdoor fire pit grates are made of heavy-duty, high-carbon steel that is so strong, you can run them over with your truck without breaking them (and we have)! Our Original Fire Pit Grate is the perfect round fire pit grate to complement a standard metal fire pit ring. If you are looking for something more old school, a Wagon Wheel Steel Fire Pit Grate might be the perfect heavy-duty addition to your next backyard DIY fire pit project. And, for all of you open-flame backyard BBQ grill masters out there, we have developed the ultimate outdoor fire pit BBQ Grill Grate, so you can convert your bonfire setup into a one stop shop for mouth-watering wood-fired barbecue flavor. Available in three separate size varieties, Walden makes large grill grates for fire pits that will fit the burliest and juiciest of Flintstone steaks. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself.

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