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What Is "Walden Backyarding"?

The most important part of Walden Backyarding is the concept of bringing our loved ones together around the fire. It creates a closeness and ambiance that can't be matched to anything else in this world.
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Top Qualities in A Good Fire Poker

If you're going to invest in a fire poker make sure it's the best one available, not only for safety reasons but to ensure you have a thriving fire every time. Walden Backyards' exclusive fire poker - the Stoker Poker.
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Thanksgiving Fire Pit Recipe

Cooking over a fire pit doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your sweet potatoes. With a little creativity, they may turn out even better than any sweet potatoes you've ever made in your kitchen at home.
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3 Reasons Why People Should Invest in Firepits

Another reason why firepits are awesome investments is that they provide an extra cooking source for your home. We all know the usual marshmallows and hot dogs can be cooked for a toasty good time.
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Campfire Recipes for Dinner

Now you have two delicious recipes to cook over the firepit this chilly fall season with friends and family. Consider taking look at Walden Backyard's firepit collection and firepit accessories for your next outdoor mealtime!
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When (and When Not) to Use a Fire Pit Ember Catcher

Our latest fireside tool, the Universal Ember Catcher, helps you to have ultimate control over your bonfire. When to use your ember catcher affects the the type of fire that will result. Read on to learn how to most effectively control your fire.
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Fire Pit Cooking Recipe: Cajun Grilled Ribeye

Many agree that the king of grilled meats is the mighty steak. With so many different seasoning (or just salt and pepper with a great cut), there are a variety of reasons that a good steak is a go-to classic for grilling. You can't beat the warmth of the fire and the outdoor cooking experience during the fall season.

Check out this killer recipe our friend Cubbie Hawk in Iowa shared with us, which he cooked over his very own Legacy Series Complete Fire Pit Insert.

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Are Wool Blankets Good for Camping?

Wool blankets contain a natural fiber and it has the unique property of being able to retain heat even when wet. This means you don't have to head back indoors even when the weather takes a turn.
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Gas vs. Wood Firepits

You don't have to confine the time you spend outdoors to the summer season. All you have to do is add a firepit to your yard and you'll be warm outside all winter long.
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How to Install A Firepit Insert Kit

Now that you have installed your firepit, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sit back, relax, and call some loved ones over or spend a quiet night by the fire. As you can see, installing your firepit doesn’t have to be complicated. 

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