Spring Revival: Preparing the Yard for your Best Backyarding® Yet

Spring Revival: Preparing the Yard for your Best Backyarding® Yet

While winter is staying for a bit longer, it's not to early to think about your spring cleaning - specifically, the yard clean-up. Spring beckons us outdoors with its promises of sunshine and vibrant blooms. It's time to shake off the winter slumber and revitalize your backyard for a season of outdoor fun and relaxation. Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or a gardening newbie, a thorough spring clean-up is the perfect way to welcome the new season and prepare your outdoor haven for flourishing life.

Responsible Pet Cleanup:

For pet owners, the first step is waste management. Especially if you live in a snowy state, you may have left the yard clean-up for a warmer day. Gather those biodegradable bags and diligently patrol your yard, leaving no unpleasant surprises for yourself or your guests. For simple, dignified collection, consider a tool that allows you to clean up pet waste straight into the bag, like a Simple Scooper™

Simple Scooper for Pet Waste Clean Up Poop Scoop

Weed Out the Unwanted:

With winter gone, unwanted weeds will inevitably make their presence known. Grab your trusty gloves and weeding tool or and get down to business. Use an Easy Weeder, formerly known as the Weed Hound™, to remove weeds from the root. Remember, prevention is key! Mulch around your desired plants to suppress weed growth naturally.

Easy Weeder in Use

Planting for a Flourishing Season:

Now for the fun part: adding new life to your yard! Before diving headfirst into planting, assess your space and decide which areas need a refresh. Research sun exposure and soil conditions in your yard to choose plants that will thrive in their designated spots.

Annual Beauties:

For immediate color and vibrancy, plant annuals. These beauties bloom throughout the season and come in a vast array of colors, heights, and textures. Popular choices include marigolds, impatiens, petunias, and zinnias.

Perennial Powerhouses:

For long-lasting impact, consider perennials. These plants return year after year, offering seasonal interest and requiring less maintenance than annuals. Popular perennials include lavender, daylilies, hostas, and echinacea.

Tools for Planting:

For effortless planting, make sure you have all the right tools. Whether you are planting annuals, perennials, you'll need to make holes in the ground for planting. Enter the Perfect Planter, made for effortless planting without the ache of bending over the ground.

Walden Perfect Planter Upright Standing Planter

Timing is Everything:

Planting too early can be detrimental to young plants, so wait until the danger of frost has passed. Consult your local planting guide for specific dates best suited to your region.

Beyond the Basics:

While weeding and planting are crucial, don't forget the finishing touches! Refresh your patio furniture with cushions and throws, add decorative elements like wind chimes or birdbaths, prepare the fire pit for great times fireside, and create inviting spaces for relaxation and entertainment.

Bonus Tip: Attract beneficial insects like ladybugs and butterflies by planting pollinator-friendly flowers. They'll help control pests naturally and add a touch of magic to your blooming haven.

Backyard in Bloom
With a little effort and planning, your spring clean-up can transform your backyard into a vibrant oasis, ready for months of outdoor enjoyment. So get your hands dirty, embrace the fresh air, and watch your yard blossom into a space that reflects the beauty of the season!

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