Walden Stainless Steel Fire Pit BBQ Grilling Grate

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Size: 36" Diameter
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Enhance your outdoor grilling experience by grilling over real wood with our high-quality Stainless Steel BBQ Grilling Grate. Crafted from premium quality materials, it does not rust or corrode, making it ideal for long-lasting use. We designed this BBQ fire pit grilling grate to fit a variety of fire pits. 

Our BBQ Grate boasts an open-flame design to deliver exceptional heat distribution on top of your fire pit, ensuring irresistible flavor from fire-grilled steaks, chops and veggies every time. Discover the ultimate grilling accessory that will turn any fire pit insert into a quality wood fire grill to rival the finest restaurants and elevate your BBQ game to new heights.

Walden Stainless Steel BBQ Grilling Grate

Explore the superior materials and unique design of our premium cooking grate.

Oversized Handles

For convenient placement, removal, and storage

Solid Rods

For high-temperature searing

Center Spine

For keeping grilling rods aligned

Thick Brim

For rigidity and shape maintenance

Stainless Steel

For rust protection and easy cleaning

With our 100% Delight Guarantee, you can make your purchase with complete peace of mind. We are dedicated to delivering excellence, and if we fall short in any way, we will take immediate action to remedy the situation to your complete satisfaction.

How to use


Build Ember Base Under Your Fire Pit Cooking Grate

Start your fire about 15-30 minutes prior to grilling so that you can build up a base of hot burning embers below your fire pit grilling grate. This will create a more consistent, manageable heat source.

The Walden Stainless Steel BBQ Grilling Grate fits perfectly in the Legacy Series Fire Pit or the 30" Legacy Fire Pit Ring to create a grill over the live fire.

Install and Heat Your Fire Pit Cooking Grate

Once your fire pit grilling ember base is established, place your Stainless Steel BBQ Grilling Grate on top of the fire pit ring. Leave the cooking grate over the fire for about 5-10 minutes to get it up to high heat for searing. Spray oil on top of your grilling grate if preferred.

Grill steaks over the fire.

BBQ and Grill Over the Fire Pit

The sky is the limit with this cooking fire pit grate. Grill and sear your favorite dishes and try new things - your Stainless Steel BBQ Fire Pit Grate is perfect for steaks, burgers, fish, corn, veggies, and more. It will even stand up to the weight of your heaviest Dutch oven.

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