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Family around the fire

Perfect Gifts for Dad!

Whether you and your family are celebrating Father's Day around a large outdoor fire pit, or grilling dad's favorites, he also deserves a nice gift. We have put together a list of some of our most ...

bonfireHot fire in a fire pit

Why Fire Continues to Mesmerize Us

Just from the way our brains are wired, people tend to gravitate towards things that make them happy.  After thousands of years of human beings associating fire with not only being warm, but being ...

GRILLINGPlaying fire-side chats card game around fire pit

Fire Pit Fun with Friends and Family

Nothing compares to hanging out with friends and family around a bonfire. The next time you find yourself around a fire pit, try out some of these campfire games that are sure to get some laughs an...

Socializing around the bonfire

How To Host A Great Bonfire Party

Bonfires and backyard parties are an American tradition like no other. Learn how to host a great bonfire party with these tips and tricks from Walden!