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He'll Love These Awesome Gifts!

Whether you and your family are celebrating Father's Day around a large outdoor fire pit, or grilling dad's favorites, he also deserves a nice gift. We have put together a list of some of our most popular fireside gifts, which are sure to make dad smile and improve his backyard game.


For the Guy Who has Everything

Some people are content starting a fire with newspaper and twigs. We are not. If you’re on our website, we doubt that you are either. That is why we offer everything you need to take your backyard game to the next level. The perfect combination gift for the dad who has everything is our best-selling 46” Stoker-Poker™, a 24 Pack of Sure-Fire™ Starters, and an Ash Scoop. These tools are designed to provide you with the ultimate start-to-finish fireside experience. Giving off an 8-10 inch flame for 10-15 minutes, our Sure-Fire™ Starters eliminate the need for gathering kindling. Simply place one underneath your logs, grab your beverage of choice, and watch as flames envelop your logs. As your bonfire roars on throughout the evening, use the blow-through feature on your Stoker-Poker™ to target oxygen to certain areas of your fire, allowing you to build up a consistent red-hot ember base for maximum heat emission. The ultimate dad gadget, the pointed end of the Stoker-Poker™ is built to help you to break down and rearrange logs, all from the comfort of your seat. Finally, for when the party ends and the coals cool off, we have included an Ash Scoop, that will help you clean out your fire pit efficiently, and within minutes.

For The Home Chef: Fire Pit BBQ Grilling Grate

When it comes to flavor, nothing can compete with the wood-fired perfection that open-flame BBQ provides. Enjoy savory steaks, burgers, brats, fish, and grilled vegetables with Walden’s BBQ Grilling Grate. Whether your loved one is new to fire pit grilling, or a seasoned pitmaster, they will be able to enjoy the rugged durability and ease of use of this heavy-duty BBQ Grilling Grate, and they will be cooking up mouth-watering feasts in no time. Come to think of it, assuming that you get to enjoy the eats on offer, it’s somewhat of a gift to yourself as well!

For The D.I.Y. Lover: Legacy Series™ Fire Pit Insert

Dads just find it hard to resist a good old DIY project. They also love anything that will bring the family together. The Walden Legacy Series™ Fire Pit Insert Set covers both bases. Designed to last a lifetime of fireside memories, the Legacy Insert is the gift that every dad dreams of receiving. Nesting seamlessly into new, or existing, stonework, the Legacy Insert will quickly become the focal point of your backyard, and your family’s favorite go-to gathering place. An elevated log grate provides greater oxygen flow to your fire than a traditional fire pit, allowing your bonfires to burn hotter, for longer. When the festivities are over, simply place the included Snuffer Lid on top, and have peace of mind that no loose embers are going to escape from your pit overnight. A removable ash pan at the bottom makes cleaning your pit between uses swift and easy.

Any of these gifts are sure to help dad stoke up your next bonfire in no time!

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