Fire Pit Fun with Friends and Family

Playing fire-side chats card game around fire pit

Nothing compares to hanging out with friends and family around a fire pit on a nice, cool night. Whether the night involves some drinks, a guitar, or some fun games, the relaxed mood set by a slowly crackling bonfire creates the perfect environment for a good time.

The next time you find yourself around a fire pit, surrounded by family or a slightly older crowd of adults only, try out some of these games that are sure to get some laughs and create lasting memories:

Fire Pit Games for the Whole Family:

  • 20 Questions - In this game, one player thinks of something in their head while the rest of the players take turns asking that person twenty yes or no questions about what they're thinking of. Using the answers, the players then deduce exactly what the person is thinking about. The first person to guess correctly wins!
  • Fire-side Chats - This conversation starting card game offers the ability to play many different ways, or just use the cards to get the conversation going. Learn things you never would have guessed about your friends and family with cards that will make you laugh one second and ponder life the next! It doesn't matter how small or large your group is, all you need to play is one other person and a card in your hand!
  • Two Truths and a Lie - Each player around the campfire has to say three things about themselves. The catch is that one of these things is a lie! The other players have to guess which of each person's "facts" is actually a lie, versus the two true statements. A great game for getting to know your family or friends!
  • Card Games - If you have a deck of cards, you have the ability to play hundreds of different games! If you haven't tried it yet, War is a classic that's easy to learn. Everyone in the group is dealt cards in a circle until all 52 are handed out. Each round, every player turns up their top card, and the person with the highest card wins! That player collects all the cards from that round and the game keeps going until one person has all the cards. Plus, Fire-side Chats cards double as regular playing cards, meaning you've got twice the fun!
  • Name That Tune - Hard to guess but easy to play, this game involves humming a tune as the other players around you guess which song it is!
  • Telephone - This classic game starts as one player whispers a word or phrase into the ear of the person to their left. That person then whispers what they heard into the ear of the person on their left and so on until the circle is complete. Then you find out if the word or phrase was heard correctly throughout or if it was distorted along the way!
  • The Celebrity Name Game - One player names a celebrity and the next player has to name one whose name begins with the first letter of the last celebrity's last name. If you take too long, you're out!
  • Never Have I Ever - This game challenges players to think of common or absurd things they've never done. Everyone has three fingers up to start. Then, one player starts by saying "Never have I ever..." and stating something they've never done, hoping that it's something that other players have done. Those who have lower a finger until all three fingers are down. The more accomplished you are, the faster you get out!

Fire Pit Games for Adults Only

  • King's Cup - All you need for King's Cup is a deck of cards! Players go in a circle drawing cards from the deck. Each card pulled means something different, though rules sometimes vary. For instance, you may pull a Queen which means all the girls in the group drink, or a 7, which means that the last player to reach for "heaven" (put their hand in the air) drinks! Another great game to play using the Fire-side Chats deck!
  • Cheers, Governor! - The starting player says "one" and each person in the circle after them counts up, all the way to 21. Once you reach 21, everyone drinks! Then, the player who said 21 makes up a rule of what to do instead of saying one of the numbers. For instance "instead of saying 3, clap two times". Then, the game continues with the next person saying "one", then the next person says "two", the next person claps twice, the next says "four", and so forth up to 21 where the process repeats itself. Anyone who forgets a rule drinks and the counting starts at one again! The game is over once every number has a rule and the circle is completed without any mistakes!

These great fireside games are perfect for any setting, whether a family event or a night out with friends. Contact us at Walden Backyards to find out more about Fire-side Chats, a great conversation starting game for any group!

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