What to Burn in a Firepit to Keep Mosquitos Away

What to Burn in a Firepit to Keep Mosquitos Away

Pesky mosquitos can easily ruin a good time outside around your firepit. Picture trying to enjoy some tasty s’mores and conversation around your campfire while tiny intruders buzz all around you. A campfire is certainly not as fun with those uninvited guests. The best news is that there are steps you can take to keep those mosquitos away from you and your family. Plus, it doesn’t involve having to spray everyone down with tons of bug repellant spray. Your Legacy Series Complete Firepit will be able to help you out with this problem because there are certain types of eco-friendly things you can burn and plants to keep around your firepit landscaping that can help with the mosquito issues. Ready to naturally drive those mosquitos away? Here are some methods of mosquito prevention around your outdoor firepit area that are worth taking a moment to discuss. 

What to Burn in a Fire Pit to Repel Mosquitoes

Types of Wood to Burn in Your Firepit

There are certain types of firestarter logs you can buy that contain citronella. Citronella oil, an essential oil derived from a grass plant in Asia, is infused into this wood. Citronella oil is a natural and non-toxic way to repel mosquitos and other flying insects from wrecking your good time. The smoke and scent produced from the citronella confuse the smell receptors of the insects, so they can’t make you their target. 

Another type of wood that the mosquitos don’t like is cedar. Cedar logs tend to repel mosquitos, especially the bark of the cedar tree. You can even buy shredded cedar bark to add to your fires or sprinkle around your landscaping mulch to naturally keep away mosquitos. It contains a chemical compound called thujone that the mosquitos just hate. 

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Herbs That Repel Mosquitos Around Your Firepit

Other than burning special wood, there are different fresh herbs that you can burn directly into your firepit to help control the mosquitos around you. Rosemary or sage is especially helpful in deterring mosquitos around a firepit. So are lavender and mint. You can purchase bundles of these at your local grocery store if you don’t grow them in your garden. All of these herbs will smell amazing to you as they burn but tend to drive the mosquitos away from those glowing embers of your campfire. It’s an easy addition, and you’ll have a toasty warm fire that naturally keeps bugs away all night long. 

What Herbs to Burn in Your Fire Pit

Avoid These Toxins in Your Campfire

Using these natural methods of keeping mosquitos away is much better than some of the toxic products full of chemicals that you can burn in your fire. Some companies advertise those as safe, but they contain artificial chemicals that won’t smell as nice and can be dangerous to breathe in for extended amounts of time. 

Plants to Deter Mosquitos 

In creating a mosquito-free zone around your outdoor patio areas, it’s a good idea to plant certain types of bushes or herbs. That can include citronella, which is a leafy style of the geranium plant. You may even see them referred to as “anti-mosquito” at the plant nursery store. 

A type of flower that the mosquitos don’t like is the marigold. This is a gorgeous brightly-hued flower that comes in all different colors. They are easy to grow and tend to keep lots of insects away since they don’t enjoy the smell, making them ideal for garden areas. 

Any of the natural herbs and flowers that we mentioned before that you can burn can also be planted around the area to drive away bugs. That includes lavender, sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, and mint. Planting these in garden locations near your seating area and firepit will create an atmosphere that the mosquitos don’t like. These herbs also look nice in the garden and can help to create a larger buffer zone that mosquitos won't want to be near. 

Planting Herbs to Repel Pests

Finally, the eucalyptus is a fast-growing evergreen tree that is great at repelling mosquitos. They can be kept in large outdoor planters around your landscaping and patio spaces. The bugs absolutely hate the smell of this plant. The CDC has even approved the use of eucalyptus essential oil as an effective ingredient in bug repellent sprays, so that’s a great indication that having a bunch of these plants around will help to control the bug population in your yard. 

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