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Is My Backyard Big Enough For a Fire Pit?

Is My Backyard Big Enough For a Fire Pit? | Backyard Firepit | Walden Backyards

The allure of a fire pit pulls most of us towards wanting a fire pit in our backyards. There is nothing like a warm campfire on a cool fall night to keep you and your friends warm. A fire pit contains your backyard campfire for safety and cleanliness. There really is no limit to the type of fire pit for your backyard. However, the size of your backyard dictates the size of your fire pit. While there is not a set size requirement for your backyard, if you want a fire pit, there are some requirements you should consider. 

If you want an intimate campfire, you should create a fire pit that is three feet wide. However, if you want more than six people around your campfire, you should consider making it six feet wide. You should consider if you want your fire pit to be in-ground or above-ground. If you want it in-ground, you have to consider how deep you need to dig.  The Legacy Series™ Steel Fire Pit Insert Set is the perfect way to get just what you need for any sized yard. 


What Should You Look Out for in Planning Your Fire Area?

The most important consideration when planning your fire pit area is safety. You want to make sure that your fire pit is a minimum of 15 feet away from all houses and structures. Some cities require a fire pit to be 25 feet from all structures. You want it on an open space on your patio or a clearing. Do not put it on a wood deck. You do not want to light your fire when it is incredibly windy, and always keep water or an extinguisher close. Do not use gas to start your fire and keep it small. The larger your fire gets, the greater the chance for the fire to get out of control. If you want to build your own fire pit, do not use flammable materials or materials that retain moisture.

How Do You Find Out if You Can Have a Campfire in Your Yard?

Many towns and cities allow you to have a recreational fire, including campfires, bonfires, and backyard fire pits. Each city and town has different regulations when it comes to recreational fires, so it is best to check with your local officials to find out the regulations in your area. Research to find out the regulations before deciding where to place a fire pit.

There are some common laws and regulations of which you should be aware regardless of where you live. You want to make sure that your fire pit is not near low-hanging branches or other landscaping that is flammable. You may need to notify your homeowner’s association, especially if you are building a permanent fire pit. They may also require an inspection of your fire pit. There are restrictions on the type of material you can burn in most cases, and it’s always best to stick with dry, clean, and split firewood. Material like paper, magazines, and particleboard may seem harmless, but they can create smoke infused with toxins from ink and adhesives. Most cities require an adult to supervise fires at all times. A local ordinance may regulate when you can have a campfire based on the wind conditions. 

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