Is Firepit Ash Good For Grass?

Is Firepit Ash Good For Grass?
Having a firepit is one of the greatest simple pleasures in life, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors with all that nature provides. Over time, using any firepit can result in an overabundance of firepit ash, which can quickly build up. Knowing what to use firepit ash for and how to dispose of it can help keep your firepit clean and ready to use year-round.The Legacy Series™ Steel Fire Pit Insert Set is perfect for this since all of the firepit ash is collected in the disposable tray. 


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Is Firepit Ash Good for Grass?

Yes, it can be. Firepit ash can benefit lawns and outdoor soil, depending on the soil's pH level surrounding your firepit. If you are considering using firepit ash on your lawn, you should test the nearby soil's pH first. Firepit ash is best used on the grass with surrounding soil that is not only acidic but deficient in nutrients, such as potassium.

How Do You Apply Firepit Ash for Best Results?

Before applying firepit ash to your grass or any location on your property, it is first important to understand the need to test your surrounding soil. In most cases, firepit ash should be applied to grass with a pH of <7. A pH level of 7 or greater is typically classified as neutral. It is also important to consider the level of potassium that can be found in your nearby soil, as firepit ash should not be used on soil that already includes high potassium levels. 

Measure the area you intend to cover with firepit ash and consider the applicator you intend to use to spread the ashes (such as a bucket). If you apply the firepit ashes to a sandy surface and sandy soil, you will require 10 gallons of firepit ashes per 1000 square feet. However, when working with any other type of soil, including standard dirt and soil, you will require about 20 gallons of firepit ash for every 1000 square feet you intend to cover with the ash itself. 

Collecting firepit ash from a suitable source is also advisable to ensure your collected ash is as clean and as pure as possible before applying it to your own ground and soil. For a solid, durable, reliable firepit, consider the Walden Legacy Firepit alongside the stoker poker for an optimal experience whenever you are in the great outdoors. 


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What Are the Benefits of Firepit Ash on Grass?

Using firepit ashes on your grass can provide numerous benefits, as the use of traditional limestone and ash goes way back when it comes to the farming industry. Some of the most notable benefits of applying firepit ash to your own grass and property soil include:

    • Improve soil quality: If you want to improve the overall quality of your soil, you can do so by properly applying firepit ash to your grass.
    • Boosting health: Firepit ash can help neutralize pH levels while providing additional nutrients (such as potassium) necessary for your grass and surrounding soil to thrive. The added potassium that comes from firepit ash can also help streamline the metabolic processes of your grass and any plants you are growing on your land. 
    • Improve grass root growth and development: Using the macronutrients contained within wood ash can help to significantly increase root growth and development in any type of soil. 

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What Other Uses Are There for Firepit Ash? 

Along with applying firepit ash to soil and surrounding grass, you can also use firepit ash for a variety of activities, both indoors and outdoors. Some of the most popular uses of ashes that have been collected from a firepit include:

  • Composting: You can use ashes from a firepit to enhance the overall quality of compost you collect and use in your garden over time.
  • Pest repellent: In some cases, repelling insects and bugs is possible with firepit ashes, which can ward them away due to the scent released by the ashes. 
  • Remove asphalt and concrete stains: If you have stains on the surrounding asphalt or concrete on your property, you can apply firepit ashes to help remove the stains. Applying one layer of ashes at a time and sweeping/rubbing them away will help to soak up and absorb the original stain. 

Understanding the benefits of firepit ashes and how to apply them in your backyard can go a long way in gardening and maintaining healthy soil. 

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