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Get To Know Your New Stoker-Poker

Get To Know Your New Stoker-Poker

Thank you for your purchase of a Walden Stoker-Poker, check out these tips and tricks to start your next fire with ease!

Stoker Poker Avoids Inhaling Smoke

One-way airflow valve allows you to deliver oxygen to your kindling and coals, while avoiding taking in uncomfortable smoke.WALDEN BLOW THROUGH FIRE STOKER POKER™


The Stoker Poker is Easy to Clean and Store

Stainless steel mouthpiece design makes your Stoker-Poker easy to clean between users. Integrated loop lets you hang up your Stoker-Poker for easy storage between uses.

The Stoker Poker Design Allows Easy Log Positioning

Eagle’s Head poker design lets you easily push and pull logs into the proper position, keeping your fire piping hot, without even having to get up from your chair.

Blow Through Fire Stoker Poker™ (patent pending)


  • Beautiful all-wood handle that is comfortable and easy to handle for hands of all sizes
  • Stainless steel mouthpiece that is easy to clean between users
  • High carbon steel material makes the Stoker Poker both lightweight and strong enough to handle the gnarliest of logs. Perfect as both outdoor and indoor fireplace pokers.
  • Safe! Designed with a one-way airflow valve, you don’t have to worry about anyone accidentally breathing smoke back through the valve into their lungs
  • Stainless steel hanging ring makes it easy to store when not in use

Purchase your new favorite fire accessory, the Blow Through Fire Pit Stoker-Poker.

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