Weeding Made Easy: Using Your New Easy Weeder™

Weeding Made Easy: Using Your New Easy Weeder™

Tired of spending backbreaking hours hunched over, battling weeds in your garden and yard? There's a hero waiting in the wings: the Walden Easy Weeder™! Formerly known as the Weed Hound™, this innovative tool promises weed removal with minimal effort and maximum back-saving efficiency. If you're ready to reclaim your weekends and wage war on weeds with ease, read on! This step-by-step guide will have you wielding your stand-up Easy Weeder™ like a pro in no time, leaving your garden weed-free and your posture thanking you.

Step Down on Easy Weeder

Step-by-Step Guide to Using your Easy Weeder

The Walden Easy Weeder™ requires no assembly and is simple to use in your backyard weeding:

  1. Approach weed with the round knob pushed down.
  2. Place the tine tips on the weed, surrounding the center of the weed's base.
  3. Firmly step down. The tines will sink into the ground and the knob will raise up.
  4. Pull upward slowly with the weed in the grasp of the tines.
  5. Push the knob downwards firmly to release the weed and roots from the tool

That's it! All you need to do is step down, pull the weed and its root up, and press the knob to send that pesky weed flying. 

Easy Weeder Press the Knob to send the weed Flying


With a lightweight and convenient design, the weed puller provides optimal control and stability when weeding. The Walden Easy Weeder™ is made of durable, high-quality steel and engineered to withstand frequent use. Six concentric hardened-steel tines plunge into the ground to grab weeds by the root, removing the weed for good. Pull weeds quickly and easily without bending or kneeling, saving you time and effort.

This gardening tool also works on many different types of weeds, large and small, so you can take care of your yard easily. Use the Easy Weeder to  remove dandelions, thistle, plantains, and, well, pretty much any weed from your yard and say good-bye for good!

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