Top 5 Backyard Do's and Don'ts

Top 5 Backyard Do's and Don'ts

Transform your backyard from an afterthought to a personal oasis! Whether you dream of lazy summer evenings under the stars or lively gatherings with friends and family, creating a functional and inviting outdoor space requires more than just weeding and mowing the lawn (although, let's be honest, that helps too!). Check out these top 5 do's and don'ts that will guide you towards backyard bliss. From smart planning to maintenance tips, unlock the full potential of your outdoor haven.

Top 5 Do's for Your Backyard:

  1. Do have a style and vision in mind for your backyard. What's important to you in your backyard? Don't let passing trends be your guiding light; instead, consider what you will actually use and enjoy for years to come.
  2. Do plan your backyard layout and purpose. Whether you want a griller's paradise, a gardener's dream, or a children's playground, you'll need to plan out the different areas of use in your yard. 
  3. Do consider planting in your backyard. Give your backyard space a glow-up by planting annuals and perennials to enjoy throughout the seasons. Two easy options are native and low-maintenance plants.
  4. Do mix DIY with professional touches. Doing it yourself is a great option when building your ideal backyard haven, but some projects may be best left to the professionals. Use your best judgement to decide what you can DIY and what you need help creating.
  5. Do enjoy often and maintain. Your backyard can be a vacation just steps from home. Once you've made it your own, designed for your use and delight, use it often and maintain it for continued enjoyment.

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Top 5 Don'ts for Your Backyard:

  1. Don't neglect your backyard and allow it to become overgrown, cluttered, or unkempt. Weed your yard and mow grass regularly. If you have a dog, regularly clean up pet waste, especially before hosting a gathering. 
  2. Don't create excessive noise. A little respect goes a long way! Be mindful of your neighbors, and don't let those late-night fire pit parties get too loud.
  3. Don't let stagnant water or various weeds accumulate in your backyard. A well-kept backyard is a happy backyard. Ensure that you have proper drainage for standing water, and regularly clean your yard of weeds and waste.
  4. Don't use hazardous chemicals excessively or inappropriately when maintaining your backyard. Always follow the directions included with pesticides and weedkillers to ensure safe use. When possible, use natural solutions to maintain your yard.
  5. Don't burn trash, leaves, or other materials in your backyard. Unless it is locally permitted and you have proper safety measures in place, burning materials not meant for a fire pit can be harmful or dangerous.

These dos and don'ts will help you maintain a clean, safe, and enjoyable backyard space. As always, be sure to consider your specific circumstances, desires, and local regulations when planning out your backyard.

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