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Outdoor Firepits - Walden Backyards - How to Install Firepit
backyard firepit

How to Install A Firepit Insert Kit

Now that you have installed your firepit, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sit back, relax, and call some loved ones over or spend a quiet night by the fire. As you can see, installing ...

backyard firepitSafe Places for Your Outdoor Firepit

Safe Places for Your Outdoor Firepit

Even though there are a number of practical areas around your home to place a firepit, the safest spots are listed below. Since everyone’s property is different, there is no on-size-fits-all answer.

backyard firepitWhat is the Best Size for Firewood? | Firewood Size | Walden Backyards

What is the Best Size for Firewood?

When the cool winter air begins to arrive, and you start to feel the brisk chill in the morning, it may be time to stock up on wood for the season. Whether you are living in a cabin in the woods ye...

backyard firepitEfficient Firewood Pile Strategies for Firepits

Efficient Firewood Pile Strategies for Firepits

Yes, the type of firepit does matter when determining how efficiently your fire burns. For instance, modern-day firepits are constructed with quality and design in mind. Using them with well-dried ...

backyard firepitTop 5 Types of Wood to Burn in Your Firepit

Top 5 Types of Wood to Burn in Your Firepit

Campfires are great for two things: cooking and keeping warm. When you’re planning some nights outside with your firepit, you want to use the best possible wood. With so many different types out th...

backyardGrate & Cozy Labor Day Sale

Grate & Cozy Labor Day Sale

Labor Day marks the start of everyone's favorite fireside season - fall! To celebrate, you can claim a FREE Fireside Blanket with the purchase of any Fire Grate. Choose from the Original Fire Pit G...