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Spring is just around the corner, and we are all ready to enjoy time well spent in the great outdoors. We want you to be ready for the spring day that turns into a cool night fireside with the easiest and best gear. Prepare your backyard with free shipping on everything - no code needed! 

Legacy Series™ Steel Fire Pit Insert Set

Legacy Series™ Steel Fire Pit Insert Set

Add the Legacy Series™ Steel Fire Pit Insert Set to your backyard landscape and enjoy cleaner, safer, and easier bonfires right at home. The Legacy Series™ is an innovative fire pit insert system designed to add right into your own bricks or stones. The seven-part set works together to make it the most user-friendly fire pit available. 

BBQ Fire Pit Grilling Grate

BBQ Fire Pit Grilling Grate

Turn the fire pit into a wood-fire grill with a 30", 34", or 36" diameter steel BBQ Fire Pit Grilling Grate. Have a backyard BBQ anytime you like with a round Walden grilling grate that fits perfectly atop the Walden Legacy Series™ Fire Pit Insert. 

Blow Through Fire Stoker Poker™

Building off hundreds of years of fire-starting tradition, our Blow Through Fire Stoker Poker™(patent pending) is the ultimate accessory for any bonfire aficionado. No more breathing in harsh smoke as you fan your flame with this fire stoker blower. Featuring a sturdy steel tube, coupled with a one-way air valve, the Stoker Poker™ allows you to provide oxygen to your fire safely and effectively, so that you can consistently keep your embers burning red-hot with one blow and poke.

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