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How to Start A Campfire in Winter
backyard firepit

How to Start A Campfire in Winter

Starting a campfire in your fire pit during the winter can be a bit more challenging than in the warmer months, but it is definitely doable! Also, the also thing we want to do when the weather begi...

backyardingWhat Is "Walden Backyarding"?

What Is "Walden Backyarding"?

The most important part of Walden Backyarding is the concept of bringing our loved ones together around the fire. It creates a closeness and ambiance that can't be matched to anything else in this ...

bonfireTop Qualities in A Good Fire Poker

Top Qualities in A Good Fire Poker

If you're going to invest in a fire poker make sure it's the best one available, not only for safety reasons but to ensure you have a thriving fire every time. Walden Backyards' exclusive fire poke...

backyard firepitFire Pits - Ember Catcher - Blazing Fire

When (and When Not) to Use a Fire Pit Ember Catcher

Our latest fireside tool, the Universal Ember Catcher, helps you to have ultimate control over your bonfire. When to use your ember catcher affects the the type of fire that will result. Read on to...

backyard firepitSafe Places for Your Outdoor Firepit

Safe Places for Your Outdoor Firepit

Even though there are a number of practical areas around your home to place a firepit, the safest spots are listed below. Since everyone’s property is different, there is no on-size-fits-all answer.

backyard firepitWhat is the Best Size for Firewood? | Firewood Size | Walden Backyards

What is the Best Size for Firewood?

When the cool winter air begins to arrive, and you start to feel the brisk chill in the morning, it may be time to stock up on wood for the season. Whether you are living in a cabin in the woods ye...