Fire Pit Grilling Recipe: Chicken Wings

Fire Pit Grilling Recipe: Chicken Wings

Grab your fire pit grilling grate and your trusty tongs! The Super Bowl is fast approaching, so it's time to grill up everyone's favorite game day food: Chicken Wings

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If you're anything like us, you're thinking "Boy, some chicken wings would really hit the spot!" But even when the kitchen is closed or the fryer is off, cooking chicken wings over an open fire is simple, which leads to it being an all-time favorite for parties. You can use either wood or charcoal - but why not have fun with all the flavors that different types of wood can create?

Season up the chicken wings with a chicken rub. Our friend Troy of Cubbie Hawk BBQ uses CornCookers Poultrygeist from the Iowa BBQ Store, but you can make your own with salt, pepper, a little brown sugar,  and paprika (smoked preferably). Add a pinch of cayenne if you're feeling particularly spicy, and feel free to add your favorite spice to the mix to make the recipe your own. 

Enjoy cooking over an open fire with a sturdy, easy-to-use BBQ Grilling Grate. Simply season the grate, just like a good old cast iron griddle, and place it over your pit to create a live-fire grill and delicious meals.

Indirect heat is your friend for this grill. Place your ember catcher in the center of your fire grate so that you can build your heat source. Once your fire has burned to a more consistent ember, place the chicken wings around the fire on your fire pit grilling grate, not directly over the flames. Otherwise, they'll burn on the outside long before they're done on the inside. Flip them often until you get to about 170 degrees internal temperature.

Once they've reached temperature, move them directly over the heat to get a little extra char for that delicious and smokey flavor that only a fire pit can provide. Finish by tossing the wings in your favorite sauce. If you're hosting a game-day party, let everyone bring their favorite sauce to share and try new flavors.

What are your favorite sauces and spices when cooking up chicken wings? Share in the comments below - and maybe even discover a few new flavors to try!

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