Walden Sure-Fire™ Starters

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The easiest way to start your fire is with Walden Sure-Fire starters. Ensure your fire starts the first time with our Sure-Fire Starters - made locally in Minnesota out of all-natural materials - they are guaranteed to light every time.

In the mid-1800 in the northern forests of Minnesota, it was a matter of life and death to be able to light a fire when needed.  Workers found a way to reliably and quickly start a fire, even in the coldest, snowiest and wettest conditions.  We still use these time-tested methods and materials to hand-make every one of our fire starters.

Walden Sure-Fire Starters BENEFITS:

  • Guaranteed to light your fire with just one starter
  • Flame burns long and high for 10-15 minutes
  • NO accelerants used - NON-toxic
  • Light woodsy scent
  • All natural materials - Made in Minnesota
  • No kindling needed - Get a great fire with no hassle
  • Waterproof for lighting even in wet weather

Effortlessly Ignite Your Perfect Blaze: Walden Sure-Fire™ Starters are guaranteed to light every time!

Sure-Fire Starters™: Crafted in Minnesota with All-Natural Materials

How to Create Quick and Easy Fires with Walden Sure-Fire Starters™

Transform chilly evenings into
cozy gatherings
with our 
Sure-Fire Starters™.

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