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Walden Blow Through Fire Stoker Poker™

Fire Poker Length

Walden Blow-Through Stoker-Poker™ - You're Going to Love It

The Walden Backyards Stoker Poker™ is a truly unique backyard gem. Yes it's made from the highest quality materials while remaining lightweight and durable but that's not the best part. The Walden Stoker Poker™ has a patented blow through hole at the top of the handle that can be used to blow air and "Stoke" the fire with air releasing at the "Poker" end of the shaft. Hence, the Walden Stoker-Poker.

The Stoker Poker air valve is one-way making it safe to use and it comes in 33 inch and 48 inch lengths. People around the fire are going to be clamoring over who gets to stoke the fire next when you bring the Walden Backyards Stoker Poker™ to the Party. 

Walden Fire Stoke Poker™ Unique Features

  • Patented air valve fire poker - Perfect for stoking the fire pit from a safe distance.
  • Lightweight and durable design -  easy to transport to the backyard fire pit, on a camping trip or use with an indoor or outdoor fireplace.
  • High Quality - Wood handle, stainless hanging loop & stainless steel mouthpiece help to set this tool apart from other fire pokers.

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