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Walden Blow Through Fire Stoker-Poker™

Fire Poker Length

You're going to love this. 

We all love campfires, but we don’t have them because getting the fire going is a hassle and a mess. Once it’s going, things are great, but how do we get there?

Typically someone talks about how we should really have a one of those little hand pump fireplace bellows out here. So we tried that. It got the fire started, but also exposed us to extremely hot temperatures because we were so close to the fire, and the chance of catching our clothes or hair on fire.

Not good.  

I remember one time mom taped a piece of cardboard to a rake, and we “fanned” the flame. Worked great! But no one could sit anywhere close to the fire while we did it because it blew smoke, ash, and huge sparks everywhere! I don’t think it was just the wood that we caught on fire.

Not exactly what we were looking for in a nice, calm, quality time with family and friends.


That’s where the Stoker Poker comes in.


Is it a poker? Is it a stoker? Well actually it’s both.

In my product testing with friends and family, almost everyone I’ve handed it to at first are confused about what it’s for or why you’d need it. But the very first time they discover the mouthpiece at the top, and how they can blow on the fire from 4 feet away, it’s like a revelation.

“Why didn’t we think of this before?”

Sure, we can use stick to move the logs, and dump gasoline on the wood to get it going, but neither option is really very effective – or safe.

Now, if I see that the fire is going out, I can easily re-arrange the logs from the comfort of my chair, and simply blow through the Stoker Poker to re-ignite the flames.

Safe. Dependable. Easy.

No more getting smoke in my eyes. No more having to scramble around on the ground getting my knees dirty trying to blow on that perfect spot on the fire. No more worrying about whether I’m going to inhale a piece of ash or set my hair on fire.

Honestly, if you bring it out the campsite, and you may not even have to start the fire. Friends and family members tend to contend over who gets to blow on the fire next!

For the man who has it all. This is one tool that he will realize that he never knew he needed, but won’t put down once he has it. Show your friends, and they’ll want a turn. Don’t be surprised if you never see it again. Totally safe for kids as well, with a one way blow valve, there’s no chance of inhaling smoke. Great opportunity for kids to “help” mommy and daddy get the fire going!


  • Beautiful all wood handle that is comfortable and easy to handle for hands of all sizes.
  • Stainless steel mouthpiece that is easy to clean between users. Because other people will definitely want to try this out.
  • High carbon steel material makes it both light weight and strong enough to handle the gnarliest logs.
  • Safe! Designed with a one-way airflow valve, you don’t have to worry about anyone accidentally breathing smoke back through the valve into their delicate lungs.
  • Stainless steel hanging ring makes it easy to store when not in use.

We’re so confident that you’ll love this, that we will give you 60 days to try it, and if you don’t love it, send it back for a full refund. Or, give it to a friend, take a picture and tag us on Instagram, and we will send you a credit for the value towards any of our other products.

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