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Firepit Accessories Gift Ideas

Firepit Accessories Gift Ideas

Everything we do at Walden is to help you maximize your outdoor wood-burning fire pit experience. So it's no surprise that, after developing the most advanced fire pit in the industry, we set our sights on producing an array of the most versatile fireside accessories on the market.

Check out these amazing firepit accessories for the fire lover in your life!

Blow Through Fire Stoker Poker™

Blow Through Fire Stoker Poker™

Building off of hundreds of years of fire-starting tradition, our Blow Through Fire Stoker Poker™ is the ultimate accessory for any bonfire aficionado. No more breathing in harsh smoke as you fan your flame. Featuring a sturdy steel tube, coupled with a one-way air valve, the Stoker Poker™ allows you to safely and effectively provide oxygen to your fire so that you can consistently keep your embers burning red-hot.

Walden Legacy Series™ Fire Pit Snuffer Lid

Put out the fire fast with the Walden Legacy Series™ Fire Pit Snuffer Lid. Round 30" diameter steel fire pit lid extinguishes the fire completely, so there is no water or waiting around required. Featuring a Cool-Touch handle, this sleek lid will also keep leaves, snow, and the elements out of your pit.

Walden Sure-Fire™ Starters


As Minnesotans, we know how important a warm fire is in the coldest and wettest season. In the mid 1800's, it was a matter of life and death to be able to light a fire when needed in the northern forests of Minnesota.  Workers found a way to reliably - and quickly - start a fire, even in the coldest, snowiest and wettest conditions.  We still use these time-tested methods and materials to hand-make every one of our fire starters.

Walden Ash Scoop

Walden Ash Scoop.

Clean out your fire pit or fireplace with ease with the lightweight and durable Walden Ash Scoop. This high-quality ash scoop is great for not only your campfires, but also fireplaces, grills, and other areas where you might need a small scoop. Not to mention it fits perfectly in a standard charcoal bag!

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