How to Find and Place the Perfect Fire Pit for Your Backyard

How to Find and Place the Perfect Fire Pit for Your Backyard

Sitting down by the fire for an evening with family and friends is a pastime that is sure to create lifelong memories. Whether you already have a designated area for your fire pit or if you are unsure of where to place your new fire pit in your backyard, there are a few tips to keep in mind. 

Why Do You Need A Fire Pit?

What is the purpose of your fire pit? Do you plan to cook over your campfire, keep warm during cool evenings, or spend time with your family while sitting around the fire as well? Understanding how you will use your fire pit can help you envision the space needed and create the atmosphere around your campfires.  

What to Look for When Planning Your Campfire Location

When planning a fire pit location in your backyard, consider the type of fire pit you tend to invest in. Do you prefer an above-ground pit or one that sits directly in the ground? What size fire pit is right for your yard? Are you thinking of a traditional wood-burning fire pit, or are you in the market for a gas fire pit

How much space will you require around your fire pit for seating and other yard decor and furniture? Is the view when sitting at your fire pit important to you? If so, what view is best, and how can you achieve it without sacrificing safety? We argue the campfire is the best view, but if there is a lake, that’s a close second. 

The Right Fire Pit Location in Your Backyard

Selecting the right location in your backyard for a fire pit does not have to feel complex or confusing, even if you are new to having a fire pit outdoors. Some of the most optimal areas to place a fire pit include your outdoor dining area, an outdoor kitchen area, or even near the pool area in your backyard, where you can simultaneously socialize and enjoy the fire. 

While in the process of settling on a location, be sure to keep enough space around the fire pit available for seating, walking, and potential winds. Consider the climate you live in and whether or not your yard is susceptible to high winds, brush fires, or even droughts, which significantly add to the risk of a fire spreading. 

Typically, fire pits will require a height allowance of 0-24”, depending on the size of fire you intend to build and burn. Avoid placing your fire pit directly beneath branches, clothing lines, or wires, even if the wiring is significantly higher than your home. An out-of-control fire can quickly climb and spread due to high winds or a single gust of wind.

If you have a home with plenty of property surrounding it, you may consider placing your fire pit on the side of your property or near a road (in the back or front of your home). You’ll need to research zoning requirements and restrictions in your county and area to determine the distance required between a roadway or walkway and a fire pit in your yard. Different municipalities will have specific height, width, and distance requirements in place for fire pits. 


What is Safe to Have Around a Fire Pit? 

Placing any fire pit or campfire in your backyard should be done with safety as a top priority at all times. A leg allowance of 18 “-30” is highly recommended to prevent potential burns from hots and falling debris.

Avoid placing a fire pit next to a large tree, garden, or even shrubbery, as these can quickly become flammable during dry seasons and months. Keep your fire pit away from overhanging branches, sheds, stacks of wood, and even fences or decks, as these are all considered combustible. 

If you are concerned about the safety around your campfire, consider placing your fire pit on a bed of sand or beneath ground level. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby as well as a water source, such as an attached hose. 

Placing a campfire pit in your backyard is a way to bring a taste of camping right to the comfort of your own home. Whether you simply enjoy spending cool autumn evenings sitting quietly by the fire or grilling over an authentic fire, a fire pit serves many purposes. The right fire pit for your backyard can help make the most of the time you spend outdoors and with the ones you love most.  

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