Landscaping Around Your Fire Pit

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Adding a fire pit to your backyard will mean spending a lot more time back there. Designing your fire pit area does not have to be a stressful experience. It's all about making that space more exciting and inviting. Some low-maintenance landscaping can be a natural and beautiful way to create a cozy fire pit space.

Design Considerations

When choosing what to surround your fire pit with, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind.

A fire pit sits low to the ground. When selecting the landscaping and furniture to go around it, consider distance and height factors. You may want to add some privacy to your outdoor space, but having the open space for added airflow is also important. You don't want the space to feel squished, but you do want it to be a cozy place for togetherness.

It's also important to consider that there could be windy conditions at times. Landscaping that is too close to your fire pit could cause a major fire hazard if the wind were to blow any embers out. Another way to prevent this is with a fire pit grate that includes an ember catcher.

Low Maintenance Plants for Your Fire Pit Space

You want your fire pit space to be a spot for relaxation, fun, and lifelong memories. If your fire pit landscaping requires tons of work, it will be hard to find the space relaxing. Here are some easy to maintain plant ideas for your landscaping:

  • Trees: The perfect way to add a beautiful backdrop to your fire pit. Trees are also great for adding a little privacy and keeping wind to a minimum. Just be sure they do not hang above the fire.
  • Planters: A great way to make your space more dynamic is by adding a pop of color. Planters are a great option for a little added color. Just be sure the container they are in is not plastic, wood, or flammable. These can also be changed out each year to switch up the colors.
  • Low plants: There are tons of options to choose from when selecting low to the ground plants. Think about the overall feel of your backyard. Is it grassy and natural? Or does it have lots of added structure? To be sure your overall design is complementary and cohesive, you'll want to work with a trusted nursery and landscaping company.

Keep in mind that some choices may depend on your night and day usage of your fire pit space. If you're only planning to spend time back there when it's dark out, then you may want to focus more on heavier planters. During the day, the fire pit tends to act as an ornament to your backyard. This is when you need to consider adding in those pops of color to create a stunning outdoor area all day long.

A Luxury Fire Pit From Walden

The key to really elevating your fire pit space is with a beautiful and durable fire pit. Meticulously focused on craftsmanship and quality, our Legacy Series™ heavy-duty fire pit insert set is the most advanced above-ground fire pit system available for purchase today. For those who desire a more minimalist look, we offer our steel fire pit ring as the perfect stand-alone fire pit.

All Walden fire pits are made out of ¼” extra heavy-duty high-carbon steel, (6x thicker than your standard metal fire pit ring), and are designed to last more than a lifetime. Visit our website or call 800-977-0034 to ignite the good times.

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