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When I Purchase a Fire Pit, What Else Do I Need?

Outdoor fire pit with fireside essentials

So you've bitten the bullet and purchased a fire pit – fantastic! It's the perfect way to gather friends and family for cozy evenings under the stars. But before you light the first match, there are a few essential extras to consider to make your fire pit experience truly enjoyable and safe.

Fueling Up:

  • For the Wood-Burning Purists: Firewood is a must-have, obviously. Choose seasoned hardwood for the best burning experience. A log grabber will keep you safe from the heat while adding logs, and a sturdy lid will protect your pit when not in use.
  • For the Convenience Seekers: Propane fire pits require a standard 20-pound propane tank, and some natural gas models might necessitate a professional hookup. Fire glass or lava rocks add a decorative touch and help distribute heat evenly.

Safety First:

  • Spark Screen and Fire Extinguisher: A spark screen contain flying embers from exiting your pit, which can occur if you don't provide enough airflow to your firewood. Keep a fire extinguisher, water source, or snuffer lid nearby for emergencies. It's better to be safe than sorry!
  • Fire Pit Pad or Fire Ring: For wood-burning fire pits, a fire pit pad or fire ring creates a safe, heat-resistant base and prevents scorching your patio or lawn.

Add an additional layer of safety with the ultra-sturdy Bonfire Boss™ Fire Gloves. Crafted to withstand temperatures over 900 degrees, you can tend the fire or move cooking utensils with ease over your fire pit.

Comfy Gatherings:

  • Seating: Now that you have the fire, you need comfy places for people to sit and enjoy it! Adirondack chairs, outdoor sofas, or even throw pillows on the ground will create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Cozy Pillows and Blankets: Be ready for cooler evenings by the fire with a fire-resistant wool blanket
  • Lighting and Ambiance: String lights or outdoor lanterns add a touch of magic after dark. Fire pit tables with built-in lights are another great option for a dual-purpose fire and table.

Tools and Accessories:

  • Fire Starters: For a wood-burning fire pit, in addition to firewood you'll need an easy and consistent way to start the fire. Keep matches and a convenient fire starter to ignite the flames for an unforgettable evening.
  • Fire Tools: A fire pit tool set with a poker and tongs will help you tend the fire safely and efficiently. Upgrade your standard poker to the extraordinary Stoker Poker® for added fun and fire-control.
  • Cleaning Up: Once the fire pit has cooled, grab the trusty shovel or scoop to remove ash from your fire pit. Keeping your fire pit clean will increase its lifespan as well as allow for airflow to better fuel your next fire.

With these extras, your fire pit will be the envy of the neighborhood. So grab a drink, gather your loved ones, and enjoy the warmth and ambiance your new fire pit brings!

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