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Why Is It Called a Campfire?

Why Is It Called a Campfire? | Campfires | Walden Backyards

The backyard campfire experience is the perfect way to warm your bones on a chilly winter night. Or even during the summer, roasting ooey-gooey s’mores by the fire. The stars in the sky and great company only add to the atmosphere of a roaring blaze. It’s easy to do when you have a Walden firepit right outside your back door.

Have you ever wondered where the term campfire originated? Of course, using fire for warmth and cooking goes back to the Stone Age, where you can picture early men, and women, rubbing two sticks together to make a primitive fire. Luckily, having a roaring fire is easier nowadays with a Legacy Series Heavy Duty Firepit Ring andSure Fire Fire Starters to get it rolling with appropriate burning embers. Let’s look at why it’s called a campfire and some other types of fires that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own backyard with Walden firepits and firepit accessories


An Old-School Campfire

The definition of an original, old-school campfire is an open-air fire, usually in a camping setting outdoors, where people create it for warmth and to cook. It has other benefits as well. You can start a campfire to attract attention in an emergency situation with the smoke signal it creates. It’s also a great idea to have a campfire while camping to keep away bugs as a natural deterrent. Fire can also keep other predators away, such as bears or bobcats. When you go camping in a national park, there are usually spots designated for a campfire with a steel ring or stones to build it in.

Being responsible for fire safety with a campfire is essential so that it doesn’t get out of hand. The last thing you want to do is start a forest fire or have anyone in your party get injured by the campfire. You’ll want to make sure it’s completely out before going to bed or leaving the campsite. The U.S. Forest Service created the most famous Wildfire Prevention Campaign with their mascot, Smokey the Bear. He debuted in the 1940s to educate people on campfire safety and how to prevent wildfires. You probably remember him in commercials and in educational materials that were posted in schools and parks.


Bonfires Are Much Bigger

A bigger fire that is much larger than a traditional campfire is a bonfire. It’s similar to a campfire in that it’s an open-air fire, but it’s usually created in a controlled manner to burn through trash. Sometimes a bonfire is built as more of a big celebration. The word comes from Middle English, meaning “a fire of bones.” You can imagine what they were burning in the 15th century. At least today, it’s common for sports and festival celebrations.

A Firepit is the Safest Way to Enjoy The Warm Glow of a Campfire

Overall, when you want to have a fire outside, the safest way to do it is with a Walden Firepit. Each Walden Legacy Series 30” Firepit Ring can be used alone or inserted into an above-ground brick system. Or you can just line large rocks, bricks, or boulders around the ring for a more rustic look.

Either way, when you make a fire in a Walden Firepit, it’s going to be in heavy-duty, high-carbon steel that is much thicker than your average firepit. There are also a variety of accessories, like the ones that come with the Complete Firepit Insert Set, to make setup, cleaning, and disposal of ash and coal in a snap. That way, you can cook, bake, BBQ, and roast marshmallows over your firepit with ease. This seven-part system makes having a backyard fire more user-friendly than ever before. The Fire Pit BBQ Grilling Grate is especially nice to have when you want to grill some burgers and hot dogs for a large group of people. The options are truly endless on what you can cook over your Walden firepit.

Enjoy Backyard Fires All Year Long

A firepit from Walden is the best way to enjoy the warmth and fun of a backyard fire any time of year. There’s nothing better than sitting around with family and friends, chatting the night away by the glow of a well-made fire. Think of it as the best way to have a campfire right in your backyard, no tent needed. At least you can sleep in your own bed after you put it out!

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