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Top 5 Types of Wood to Burn in Your Firepit

Top 5 Types of Wood to Burn in Your Firepit

Campfires are great for two things: cooking and keeping warm. When you’re planning some nights outside with your firepit, you want to use the best possible wood.

5 Types of Firewood to Use in Your Firepit

With so many different types out there, it can be hard to determine which will provide the best experience. These five firewood types are the absolute best for your campfires.



Oak wood is abundant. There are varieties of oak trees all over the United States. Consequently, it’s an easy resource for those who want reliable firewood to use in their firepit. There are two types, including red oaks and white oaks. The best way to determine whether or not a tree is an oak is by looking for the addition of acorns. Firepits made using oak wood are long-lasting and hot. You can expect to stay warm and comfortable without excess smoke. Lower sap content also means your fire won’t be emitting too many sparks. Another benefit of oak wood is that it’s great for cooking. An oak wood fire is highly versatile, offering plenty of heat and the nutty smoke needed to cook your favorite meals.

Cherry & Apple

Much like nut-bearing trees, fruit trees can also provide wood suitable for cooking. Both cherry and apple trees are often used for smoking meat as well as cooking other meals. These are also common trees to find throughout the United States. Those who have worked with these types of wood find that the scent is very pleasant. You won’t get a lot of smoke or sap with either type, which is great when you want to sit around the firepit after you’re done cooking. While apple and cherry trees are quite abundant, it’s not too easy to find apple wood that can be used for regular fires. It tends to be valued as a cooking tool. That makes it a great option to use in your firepit.


Beechwood isn’t as widely-available as oak, but it does offer properties that are nearly as valuable. Growing mostly in the eastern states, beechwood is great for a hot, slow burn that will produce useful coal. While the smell of burning beechwood might not be as enjoyable as apple or cherry wood, it’s still considered pleasant by most. That said, it is worth noting that splitting beechwood can be quite a task. In areas where beechwood is available, it can be considered a worthy alternative to oak wood.


Maple can be tricky to work with because there are many varieties. You’ll get the best results by seeking out hardwood maple. This is also an option that typically only grows in the northeastern states as well as some areas of eastern Canada. In terms of the heat that your fire provides, maple wood is somewhere in the middle of the road. You may not get the most heat or efficiency, but the results will still be a lot better than some other options out there. Furthermore, it’s worth keeping in mind that maple trees contain more sap than the other choices I’ve discussed here. You might notice that the fire in your pit pops from time to time. Keep a healthy distance, and there shouldn’t be too many issues.

Note: Learn more about can firepit sparks cause a fire to protect yourself from future safety concerns.


When it’s available, ash wood is one of the best options you can choose for your fire pit. It’s easy to work with and doesn’t contain a lot of sap. There are white ash and green ash varieties, both of which are typically found in the eastern United States. You won’t see a lot of smoke or sparking while working with ash wood, but you will get plenty of heat. This wood is perfect for spending cooler evenings outside next to the firepit. If you choose to, you can cook with this wood. It may not offer the same quality for smoking as cherry, ash, or oak, but the coals will certainly be hot enough to get the job done. There’s a lot to like about ash wood, but you’ll get the best experience by trying it yourself!

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