How Do You Landscape a Firepit

How Do You Landscape a Firepit

The right firepit can truly be the focal point of your backyard. This is especially true if you take the time to landscape around it to really make the area stand out. After all, you and your family are going to be spending many nights outside huddled around the glow of your Walden Firepit, so taking the time to make the setting around your firepit unique is a great idea. There are many ways to enhance a firepit to enjoy the ambiance it brings to your backyard. Here are some ways to landscape around your firepit to make it look absolutely amazing and function at its best. 


Rocks or Pavers for Firepit Landscaping?

One of the first ways to highlight the landscape around your firepit, especially a Walden Legacy Series Complete Firepit Insert Set, is with rocks or pavers. Rocks will look a little more rustic and natural, while pavers will give more structure and set up the firepit better to be placed on a finished setting. That may include a total patio area with pavers coming up around the firepit and on the ground as well. You can put the pavers or even bricks around the firepit’s steel ring in a natural circle or build it out in a square shape. It all depends on how you want the area to look. A custom-built firepit area can add value to your home and can last forever when cared for properly. 

Patio Furniture For Landscaping Around a Firepit

Of course, you’ll want some comfortable outdoor patio furniture around your firepit. This can make it an area where you’ll spend some time lounging around in total comfort. Think of nights outside, all cuddled up with your family or friends, enjoying the glow of a softly burning firepit. Maybe there are some s’mores on the agenda? What makes it even better is chairs or other outdoor furniture that feels amazing to sit on. You’ll want high-quality furniture made for the outdoors and can withstand seasonal weather changes. 

You can also incorporate an area around the firepit with a natural bench that’s an extension of the pavers or bricks. This makes the whole firepit area stand out and adds extra seating along with any patio furniture you put around the firepit. Keep in mind the number of people you’ll usually have around the firepit to ensure you’ll have enough furniture. 

Firepit Landscaping Accessories

If you’re going to cook over your Walden Firepit using our BBQ Grilling Grate, you may want an area to store your accessories as part of the landscaping. That way, you’ll be able to access everything you need to cook over your firepit, including firewood, charcoal, cooking utensils, and  Walden Sure-Fire Starters, which will get your firepit started fast, no kindling needed. (We recommend having the raw side of the split wood facing your firestarter!) Find an outdoor storage cabinet that will blend into your landscaping and is water-proof. 

When you have everything you need, and the landscaping is beautifully done around your firepit, you’ll find that spending even more time with your Walden Firepit is a pleasure. If you need more advice on caring for your firepit, check out more articles on our blog. It’s full of tips and tricks to make your Walden Firepit experience the best it can be. 

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