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How Big Should a Circle Be for a Fire Pit?

How Big Should a Circle Be for a Fire Pit?

Some of the best memories are made fireside; teaching a child how to roast marshmallows or dogs is the sort of sacred memory that gets passed down generation after generation. A crackling fire encourages folks to slow down and settle around, inspiring an almost ancestral calling to share stories and camaraderie.

A backyard firepit is a natural accessory for families that value old-fashioned quality time. There are essential questions to consider when you are ready to build yours. One of the first questions worth asking is how large your fire pit circle should be? How much firepit does my yard space allow? How much space do I need around the firepit for seating? Answering these questions helps determine every other aspect of how you’ll design and install your firepit.


Determining Available Space for a Fire Pit

Start by taking the measure of your space and consider where you plan to place your fire. You need to be able to leave at least 10’ between your fire pit and any structure that might catch on fire. Houses, sheds, fences, trees, and shrubs - these all need plenty of clearance. If you have a smaller yard, this might limit the size of your fire pit.

How Do You Plan to Gather ‘Round the Fire?

Once you’ve determined how much space you have in your yard, it’s time to consider how you plan to use your firepit. Do you want to cook over it? Have quiet conversations with your favorite people into the wee hours of the evening? Gather close to chase away the evening nip in the air? 

Aim for a fire pit between 30”-36” for intimate gatherings and a comfortable cooking space. You can go up to about 44”; some may even recommend 6’ for larger bonfires. Check with your local regulations. Some municipalities may allow smaller fires but could fine you for a bonfire of that size. It’s also worth noting that fire pits are measured from the outside perimeter, so the space available to build a fire within will be a bit smaller. 

Height is also important when considering the size of your fire pit. To protect your fire from a brisk wind while still basking in radiant warmth, you want a height of 12-14”. Typically, a portion of your fire pit will be beneath ground level by several inches.


Leave Room for Socializing 

You don’t just want to consider the size of your fire pit when planning for its construction. You also want to create a safe space around the perimeter of your fire for chairs and other furniture while leaving room to safely walk around. With around 7’ of space around the fire, you’ll have comfortable room for up to six chairs. You’ll want to typically leave about 3’ of space between the chairs and the edge of the fire pit. That gets you close enough to prop your feet up on the capstones and enjoy its heat, but far enough back to allow room to walk. 

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Simple Solutions for Safe Backyard Fires

Walden’s Legacy Heavy Duty Fire Pit Ring is the perfect size for those who want to enjoy the best of what a backyard fire can offer. The single, solid piece of high-carbon steel, coated in a high-temperature powder coating, is designed to resist damage from extreme temperatures and exposure to the weather. It’s sturdy enough to use on its own and can serve as a fire pit liner with bricks; used this way, it offers some protection from the heat for your fire pit enclosure. Plus, it’s the perfect size for fires large and small, with a 30” diameter and 9” of height. It will sit perfectly within firepit setups as large as 35” in inner diameter. 

If you plan to use your fire pit often, consider upgrading to the Fire Pit Insert Set. This setup includes the ring and a snuffer lid to put out your fire quickly, a foldable steel grate for backyard open fire cooking, a brim ring to securely settle it within your fire enclosure, and a funnel, ash basket, and ashtray liner for easy cleanup. If you want a lifetime of memories around a durable, safe, and simple to use fire pit, this is the best option. 

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