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Is Water the Best Way to Put Out Your Campfire?

Is Water the Best Way to Put Out Your Campfire?

The cozy atmosphere of a fire in the fall is an enjoyable way to spend evenings with friends and family. When you have a firepit in your backyard, it is a relaxing option as a way to unwind and unplug after a long day. In any case, you can never have a fire without considering how to safely extinguish it when the time comes. It is a common question among people with firepits to wonder if water is actually the best solution to put out a fire. Water is an easy way to put out your fire pit, but it may not always be the best option.


Should I Pour Water on My Firepit to Put My Fire Out?

A campfire can be extinguished with water quickly, easily, and effectively. It's a good idea to always keep a bucket of water handy in case of an emergency, but it can also be used to put out a campfire. However, having a bucket ready and waiting is not always convenient. You can use your hose as an alternative. The spray setting on the hose would be most useful, so it would be best to have a multi-nozzle and avoid using the direct stream.

It is safer to use the spray option as a stream of water could spread sparks from the fire. If you are using a hose, it is important that you do not stand too close to the fire. When the cold water hits the hot wood, it can cause steam, injuring someone. You want to make sure the wood is entirely soaked. Stir the contents of your fire pit to ensure it is completely saturated.

The downside to using water is it can degrade a metal fire pit. When you use water to put out the fire, you are quickly changing the temperature of the burning hot wood with the cold water. This repeated temperature change can weaken the metal, and it could crack.


What Are Other Ways to Put Out Your Campfire?

You may want to consider some alternatives to water when it comes to putting out your fire if you don't want to replace it frequently.

Shoveling sand and dirt on fire is a great way to put out a fire. You must wait until the fire has burnt down to just a few embers and shovel the sand on them. Then, stir the sand with the cinders to ensure the fire is out entirely with the shovel or stick. This will help preserve your metal fire pit.

Another option for putting out a fire in your firepit is to use a snuffer lid; neither water nor sand is needed. Some fire pits, such as the Legacy Series™ Steel Fire Pit Insert Set, include a snuffer lid. A snuffer is similar to a lid, and it is designed to sit on top of your firepit. It cuts off the oxygen to the fire, and it stops burning. If you are buying a snuffer, make sure you know the dimensions of your fire pit so you can buy a snuffer that is an appropriate size.



Can I Let the Fire Burn Out on Its Own?

It is an option to leave your fire alone through the night. This allows the fire to burn itself out, but it is not the safest way. The tiniest ember can cause a large fire, especially in dry conditions.

You can take steps to help your fire burn down faster and more naturally, which includes no longer adding fuel to the fire about an hour before you plan to leave. Using a shovel, you can spread out the logs in the fire. When large pieces of wood are not touching each other, the heat cannot be held, and the chance of relighting is decreased.

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