The Best Fire Pit Accessories for Your Outdoor Fire Pit

The Best Fire Pit Accessories for Your Outdoor Fire Pit

A crackling fire and good company - there's nothing quite like gathering around a fire pit on a cool evening. But to elevate your fireside experience from good to unforgettable, a few key accessories can make all the difference. From tools to keep you safe and flames roaring to cooking tools to transform your fire pit into a grilling experience, let's explore the must-have fire pit accessories that will turn your next gathering into a night to remember.

Maintaining the Fire

Fire Pokers

The classic outdoor fire pit tool is the sturdy steel fire poker. Used to reposition logs for airflow, the Legacy Fire Poker stores easily from the rounded handle, and the poker is angled to move wood within your fire pit easily. 

Bring poking the fire to the next level with the Walden Stoker Poker®. Not only does it have a sturdy steel poker tip, but you can also blow through it to reignite your fire from just embers. The patent-pending one-way air valve keeps anyone from inhaling smoke, so it is safe for all to use fireside.

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Sure-Fire™ Starters

The best times around a fire pit have an easy, clean start. Grab just one Sure-Fire™ Starter to start your fire. Rain, snow, or shine, the Sure-Fire™ Starter will burn tall and bright for 15 minutes, allowing for plenty of time for larger firewood to catch and burn.

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Bonfire Boss™ Gloves

Be prepared when building a fire. Whether you are grilling or rearranging firewood, the heavy-duty Bonfire Boss™ Fire Gloves will protect your hands from the flames. Adjust and remove hot grills from over the fire when BBQing or easily restack your firewood - the special double-lining will protect you from the heat!

Bonfire Boss Fire Gloves with Best Legacy Fire Pit for Sale Fire Pit Insert

Grilling and Cooking

Roasting Sticks

Create memories that last a lifetime by roasting marshmallows around the fire.  The wooden handle with rotation capability makes it easy to hold on to your food while cooking it over the open fire. Just rotate the spinner from the handle to perfectly roast your food! The telescoping pole extend from 10” to 34”, so you can roast your food and not your fingers. These roasting sticks are perfectly portable and come with a weather-resistant canvas bag.

Sturdy, stainless-steel roasting sticks with rotational capability. Available as regular roasting sticks or safety-sticks for young children to use fireside.

BBQ Grilling Grate

Turn any fire pit into a wood-fire grill. Made to last a lifetime, the BBQ fire pit grate grills your favorite foods to perfection with traditional crosshatch sear marks. Durable steel and beefy welds ensure that this grate stands up to the task. Don't want to season your grate regularly? Try a Stainless-Steel BBQ Grilling Grate instead. Sturdy, elegant, and classic.

Grilling Over Fire Pit Gift BBQ Grate

Ending the Fire and Clean-Up

Snuffer Lid

When it's time to put out the fire, ensure peace of mind with a handy Snuffer Lid. By stopping the flow of oxygen, the Snuffer Lid will snuff out the flames and ensure no embers can escape your pit. In addition to safely and quickly putting out the fire, a good lid will also protect the inside of your outdoor fire pit from moisture, weather, and debris so that your pit is always ready for the next fire.

Ash Removal

Cleaning your outdoor fire pit regularly will lengthen the life of your pit and enhance your next fire. Ash build-up can hinder airflow, which is key to a clean-burning fire. When the ashes are cooled, grab your handy ash scoop with flexible stainless-steel lip to remove and dispose of excess ash. 

Ash Scoop Fire Pit Accessories for Ash Removal and Clean Up

Fire pit accessories are the ingredients that transform your fire pit from a simple heat source into a multifunctional outdoor hub. With the right tools by your side, you can tend to the flames with confidence, ensure safety for everyone around, and even whip up delicious fire-cooked meals. So, stock up on these essentials, gather your favorite people, and get ready to experience the true magic of fireside gatherings under the open sky.

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