What Should You Not Burn in a Firepit

What Should You Not Burn in a Firepit? | Firepit Burning | Walden Backyards

If you're new to owning a fire pit, you're probably looking forward to sitting around those burning flames during the cool nights of the season. The subtle smoky smell wafting through the air as you bask in the warm glow of campfire embers with family and friends will surely be the best part of your day. A firepit is something you can feel good about using night after night. It makes for a more festive evening any time of year and can create a welcoming place for gathering in your backyard.


Although it may seem like a no-brainer to just burn firewood in your brand new Walden Legacy Series Complete Firepit Insert Set, many people tend to throw in other objects and things they have lying around the garage or yard. This is definitely a mistake and potentially a significant safety hazard. Here are some things you should not burn in your firepit.

Some Things to Not Burn in Your Firepit

There are things you don’t want to burn in your firepit. In regards to wood, not all types of firewood are proper to burn. You don’t want to burn treated wood, deck lumber, painted or stained wood planks, shipping palettes, or driftwood. These types of wood have usually been treated with chemicals that can be potentially dangerous and toxic to inhale. Even driftwood has the chance of releasing carcinogenic salt compounds into the air around you and your family. It’s better to go with standard logs specifically cut for backyard bonfires. 

Avoid burning trash, like old tires or plastic bags lying around in your firepit. These can release harmful pollutants into the air. Not to mention, they don’t smell that great when you are trying to appreciate the glow of your firepit at a gathering. 

Be careful about burning certain types of cardboard. It might seem like a good idea to just pitch it into the fire and let it burn, but sometimes those embers can send particles of ash high into the air that can catch surrounding trees or other objects nearby on fire. That’s a serious danger that you want to avoid at all costs. 

Adding too much lighter fluid or gasoline to a firepit is also dangerous. This may seem like a harmless way to build up a fire rather quickly, but this type of fire can easily get uncontrollable and scary. You don't want your neighbors or property to be endangered when you make a fire in your firepit. It’s best to use a simple fire starter, like our Sure-Fire Starters, which are made of natural materials and guaranteed to get your fire going with just one starter.


The Best Materials to Burn in Your Firepit

The best materials to burn in your Walden Legacy Series 30” Firepit Ring are untreated hardwood logs, sticks from your yard as kindling, wood that is local to your area, or firestarter logs that you’ve purchased at a hardware store, specifically for outdoor and fireplace use. You’ll want to ensure that your firewood is properly seasoned for the optimal burn. That way, you’ll be burning the right things in your firepit, knowing all the tips and tricks for best usage. It’s so valuable to have the safest possible scenario to while away the time with those you love using an elegant firepit. Have fun in the many nights ahead, making memories. 

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How Big to Burn Your Campfire

The dimensions of the insert on the Walden Legacy Series Firepit Ring are pretty substantial, but that doesn’t mean you should throw things into it that are too big. You’ll want to stay within the parameters of the firepit to ensure a safe and optimal fire. The main piece is a 30-inch diameter ring with a 9-inch height that is extremely durable, made of heavy-duty high-carbon steel. The Fire Ring is pressed, not welded, to help alleviate the risk of any rust, so you’ll surely enjoy the longevity and use you’ll get out of this firepit for countless years. Due to its large size, you still have the potential to make a fairly big fire, so you just have to be careful to burn the right materials in it. And remember to put out your fire completely when done with the Snuffer Lid.

If you have any questions about the proper use of your Walden firepit, give us a call or send us a message today. We are more than happy to make sure you have the best possible experience enjoying your outdoor firepit again and again! 

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