What Wood Is Toxic To Burn In A Fire Pit?

What Wood Is Toxic To Burn In A Fire Pit?

Nothing is more exciting than preparing your firepit for a chilly fall night. Sitting around your campfire with friends is a relaxing way to end the day. First, however, you want to be careful about the firewood you are using in your firepit. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot burn just anything in your firepit. There are definitely some best practies for building a campfire.  


What Wood Is Toxic To Burn In A FirePit? 

There are many kinds of wood that you should not burn in your fire pit. 

Ocean driftwood is high in salt, which contains chlorine. When driftwood is burnt, it releases high amounts of these chemicals into the air. Therefore, it is a carcinogen that people should not breathe in. 

Greenwood is fresh wood that has just been cut. It has a large amount of moisture which is difficult to light. Once it’s lit, it causes a great deal of smoke. It is annoying to sit around a smoking fire pit, but this smoke can also build up on your fire pit. 

Pinewood is soft and full of resin. When it burns, it creates soot that creates dangerous chemicals. It burns quickly and is not efficient. It could be used as kindling. 

Wood that is not local is a bad idea to burn in your fire pit because it can bring diseases and insects. You should purchase firewood close to your home or to the area where you will burn the wood. 

Poisonous wood is a bad idea to burn. This includes poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. These smoke and create oils that are irritants. These irritants cause eye irritation and breathing problems. If you use this type of wood, some of them can cause you to be hospitalized.

Moldy wood is not a suitable type of wood to burn because it will not produce much heat. Moldy wood may produce toxic fumes when it burns. It also creates a lot of smoke because of the water it contains. 


What Types Of Firewood Or Construction Type Of Wood Is Toxic To Burn In Your FirePit? 

There are other types of wood that you may consider burning in your fire pit that is not truly firewood. Construction wood is one of those wood types. It may seem like a dream come true to burn these materials, but it really is not. They are often treated with chemicals so they do not decay. Construction wood usually consists of furniture that is coated with adhesives or paint. You do not want to burn either of them in your fire pit. Believe it or not, Wood pallets are also not a good idea for your fire pit. They are also coated with chemicals released into the air as the pallets burn. 


What Happens If You Were To Burn These Woods? 

When you burn toxic wood, toxins and chemicals are released into the air. Anyone standing close to the fire pit will breathe in the toxins. However, those not standing close to the fire can also breathe in the contaminated air. One of the compounds that can be released into the air is creosote. This is often found in older wood. It is a significant contributor to many health issues, including congenital disabilities and fetal damage. In addition, when you burn moldy wood, it produces a terrible odor while releasing fungus, mildew, mold, and bacteria. These cause a horrible smell and are harmful to your respiratory tract.

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