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What is the Best Size for Firewood?

What is the Best Size for Firewood? | Firewood Size | Walden Backyards

When the cool winter air begins to arrive, and you start to feel the brisk chill in the morning, it may be time to stock up on wood for the season. Whether you are living in a cabin in the woods year-round or if you simply like to keep a stock of wood for the wintertime, you might be wondering what size you should split your firewood and when to use it.


What is the Best Size for Split Firewood?

The size of the firewood you choose to split will vary greatly depending on the type of wood you are using, the size of your firepit, and your personal preferences. For most types of firewood, it is best to split logs into pieces around 12-14 inches (30-35 cm) long and 3-5 inches  (7-12 cm) wide.

This size is ideal as it provides suitable airflow for faster drying and igniting times. Additionally, ensuring your firewood pieces are approximately the same size also ensures better control over the fires you are building.


Is it Necessary to Split Firewood?

No, it is not always necessary to split firewood. However, this may cause issues when it is time to burn the wood. If your firewood is not properly split or sectioned, it may not burn all the way, wasting more wood than is necessary. It may also take much longer for a large log to catch fire than for smaller, split pieces of firewood. If your log is damp inside or is not fully dry, the firewood will also create more smoke compared to firewood that has already been properly split and dried. 

Why Does Splitting Firewood Ahead of Time Matter?

Chopping and splitting any firewood you intend to use in your firepit or campfire is highly recommended to help with the drying, preservation, and preparation processes. Having pre-split firewood makes it much easier to build a fire on a whim, which can come in handy during cold nights or on the off chance that you lose power or your ability to generate heat otherwise. It also means you’ll be ready to enjoy a perfect night fireside at any moment.

How Do I Measure the Firewood I am Splitting?

It is best to make a rough estimate when you want to measure the firewood you are splitting. Measure out 12-14 inches to get an idea of the average length each piece of firewood should be before you begin cutting. Consider the type of wood you are cutting and how many times you may have to split it, depending on the width of the firewood.

What are the Advantages of Splitting Firewood?

Simply having firewood is adequate for some, especially those who do not live in cold climates or do not really use firewood for heat year-round. However, it is important to understand the advantages that splitting firewood ahead of time has to offer. Some of the most notable benefits of splitting firewood for your fire pit and campfire include:

  • Smaller pieces of firewood dry faster: Splitting firewood and storing smaller pieces will help your firewood to dry out much faster. Because wood can take days, weeks, and even months to completely dry, cutting your firewood into smaller pieces helps to expedite this process without much additional effort.
  • It is easier to manage: Having your firewood chopped into smaller pieces is not only a way to a much drier fire, but it is also much easier to manage. Handling smaller pieces of firewood is significantly easier than lugging large logs and heavy pieces of firewood around your campsite or property. 
  • Fires will burn better: Using properly cut and dried firewood will help you build more powerful and much longer-lasting fires than fires with giant logs or undried firewood. 
  • Spot problem areas faster: When your firewood is split properly into smaller pieces, it is much easier to spot potential problem areas such as growths, mold, or disease. When you are using large logs that have not been split or cut into segments, it can be difficult to determine if the wood should be used or disposed of at any given time.

Understanding the best size of split firewood is essential whether you are planning an outdoor camping trip or stocking up on wood for your cabin this winter. When you are familiar with the average sizes of chopped firewood pieces, you can plan to chop and split the firewood you collect and use accordingly. 

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