The Debate Rages On: Cross Hatch VS. Teepee

Roaring outdoor fire pit

From the caves of yore, to the backyard fire pits of today, a robust fire is one of the cornerstones of civilization and while we no longer rely on roaring blazes to warm our bones or cook our dinners, few things in this world are more civilized than a good old fireside chat. However, there is one hotly debated subject that has been asked since the dawn of time and those of us here at Walden Backyards are more than happy to weigh in on the oft asked question...

What's The Best Way to Start a Fire -- Cross Hatch or Teepee?

Don't act like you and your friends haven't sat around for hours on end debating this hot topic. We are here to help so you can put down your pokers and quit stoking the flames of this controversial issue. We have you covered. 

First, Crosshatch is a method of building your fire using layers of wood laid parallel to each other. Think of a three dimensional tic-tac-toe or hashtag if you will. Though we suggest keeping all hashtags, emojis, and memes tucked inside your pocket while you enjoy a calm relaxing fire.

The teepee method requires three or more logs to be leaned against each other at the top to form... you guessed it, a teepee. Wide at the base and coming to a point at the top this method is certainly one of the standard bearers, but is it the best?

The Facts: Crosshatch vs. Teepee

Crosshatch Facts

  • Easy to Build and easy is good when you wanna kick back and relax
  • Orderly/Organized because life comes with enough chaos
  • Clean Precise Look making you the envy of fire starters the world over
  • Stable Structure because volatility is for volcanoes not backyard fires
  • Uniform Burn means you won't finish with as many partially charred logs
  • Diverse in that you can go with a classic log cabin look of universal log size, or build an upside down fire with your smaller logs and kindling on top
  • Especially Fun for those of us who never got the Lincoln Log set we circled in the Sears catalogue EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS

Teepee Facts

  • Fewer Logs Necessary, but what is the fun of that
  • Large Cavity for Kindling or Paper, but who takes the newspaper these days
  • Carefully Balanced Logs can Topple Easily and we shall save that fun for Jenga
  • Burns Faster, which means you will need to tend the flames far more often
  • Better Illumination, higher flames means more light, but if you wanted better light you'd be sitting in your recliner inside wondering why you no longer get a newspaper, or the Sears catalogue


And the winner is... Crosshatch all the way.

So believes our founder and we certainly are not going to argue. He makes a compelling argument and he is a swell guy. He also created a wide array of products to make your backyard a place you want to kick back and relax with friends and family. To help with that and to get your fire going no matter your preferred method we also sell fire starters that can be found on our website. Guaranteed to stay lit under the toughest conditions, these non-toxic fire starters burn for 10 to 15 minutes, and are made 100% of recycled material right here in the USA. If only all of our other debates could be answered so easily with non-toxic, and effective solutions. We don't have all of the answers here at Walden Backyards, but we can help you create and maintain a backyard sanctuary. 

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