Why You Should Buy Fire Starters

Fire starters near the fire pit

The air is chilly, the sky is dark, and you're ready to start a campfire in your backyard. Your loved ones are eagerly anticipating roaring flames and that delightful campfire smell. The Walden Sure-Fire Starter will make sure your backyard bonfire goes off without a hitch.

The Best Fire Starter on the Market:

  • It is made with non-toxic, recycled material unlike many other fire starters on the market. You can rest assured that while you're enjoying the outdoors, you aren't leaving a larger than necessary impact on nature. It goes without mentioning that, of course, you'd prefer to have non-toxic products around your house. Especially if you have pets or young ones! Are you curious about why Walden puts such an emphasis on their fire starter being non-toxic? Well, gel or liquid fire starters can be extremely dangerous. It is very important to purchase fire starters with quality, safe ingredients. Walden is a step ahead it's competition, keeping you and your loved ones beside a friendly fire. 
  • The reviews and the hype built up around the Walden Sure-Fire Starter are incomparable. Rated a whopping 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this fire starter is smoking the competition. Many rave about its superior burning, quality ingredients, and compact size. The fire starter also boasts a 5-8 inch flame that lasts at least 15 minutes. This fire starter is perfect for a backyard pit, or to take out with you on a camping excursion.
  • Some may wonder about it accidentally getting wet, well, have no fear. This product can withstand becoming damp and is extremely hardy when lit, unlike other fire starters on the market. You no longer have to worry about rain or accidental spillage, this product has got you covered.

Shop Sure-Fire Fire Starters at Walden

Now that you've done some research, I think we both know what the next step is. Enjoy spending time outdoors amongst the warmth of friends and the Walden Sure-Fire Starter.

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